Sunday, 31 August 2008

postheadericon Wow what an awesome weekend....

Hey guys sorry its been a couple of days....i have been so busy having loadsa fun with my children and family i've not been able to get on here hardly at all this weekend!!
Well yesterday Sat i went out for a change with my sister and her family all the kids had an awesome time. We went down our golden mile which is down our seafront and its packed full of amusements and things to do. Lately they have put a big wheel like the London eye down one end, its not as big but still extreamly high and i chickened out but hubby and Kaci went on it, but i was so gutted i didnt go on that we are going back tonight so i can have a go, and i'm hoping Ali will come on with me pmsl, but i think i'll be dragging her on by her hair haha!!!
Today we went to The Police Gala Day in Norwich, its a yearly event that is held by the local police and its huge...great fun was had by all and we got loada goodies, i have even put my name down to become a special constable with the police!!! OMG something i've always wanted to do. The children went on loads of rides again an ate nearly one of everything on offer lol!!

News with the blog well....A lovely lady called Gaylene of Aussiechicktutorials has made an awesome tag using my first tutorial i made, i love it thanks so much hun! This is the pic you can see ^. So i am busy now getting things sorted for tonight so i'll give you an update tomorrow morning on how i got on on the wheel. Hehe! If you don't hear from me then you will know why pmsl. Until next time take care xxx Laura xxx

Friday, 29 August 2008

postheadericon Good morning! Template 6 for you!

Well a very good morning to you all, had a really bad nights sleep last night, lots a things playing on my mind and i just couldn't switch off grr, don't you just hate nights like that!

I have made a new template for everyone to have a go at. Don't forget to email me your creations so i can show em off haha! Hope you are all well. Off to town soon to do a bit of shopping. Have fun with this template. Take care Love Loz xxx Download link HERE.
Thursday, 28 August 2008

postheadericon Woot I Did It My First Tutorial!

Yay i did it, finally started writing this tutorial today and i'm quite pleased with it. It's called Cute In Pink and you can find it HERE. Please give it a go and send me your results i'd love to see them i'll even put my favourites on here YAY! I'd like to say another great big TY to Ali who has helped me get where i am, i've only been doing this a short while but i've made some cracking friends.....untill next time take as always Laura xxxx

postheadericon Some Brilliant News!!!!

Well sorry i haven't been on for abit, but yesterday Ali and I came up with abit of an idea! I have wanted to right some simple tutorials for beginner PSP but been to afraid incase no one will like them and starting up a tut site of my own so......bless her heart Ali said she will host my tuts on her tut site woot woot!!! So i now have to begin making my tags and then adding the tutorial i'm very excited.So i will let you know when the first one is up. If you would like to visit Ali or my tut site here is the link HERE I've called it Laura's Dezigns and Ali made all my pages woot! I'd just like to give Ali a great big hug and say thankyou for having me woot!!!!

Hope you are all well. Until next time take care...

Hugs Laura xxxx
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

postheadericon New Template-We love PSP!

One for all you enthusiasts out there who can't get enough PSP! I hope you enjoy creating with this template and if you do download please leave me a note thanks Laura xxx Download from 4shared HERE XX Get stuck in!!!! Hehe! xx

postheadericon Hey Everyone!

Hi, well what a long but wicked weekend, started camping on the Saturday set everything up took ages, we'd forgotten how to put everything up cause we haven't been away for sooo long haha! But the long and short of it was that Ali wasn't well enough to camp really so she went home that night and the noise levels were ridiculous none of us slept. So after some deliberating we decided to pack up too and spend the days out at different places with the children.
Yesterday was my favourite day we went to Colchester Zoo, and OMG what a fantastic day it was!! I can't tell you how much fun we had, the animals were the best, the place was enormous you def need more than one day there to do the lot, i came face to face with a male lion twice my size, to say i was thrilled, scared and exhilerated is an understatement!!! Kaci and Connor were in there element connnor did enough oooo's and ahhhh's for the lot of us haha!
I will be putting some pictures on a lil later when my phone charges up properly. I hope you all had a brilliant weekend and bank holiday.
Until a bit later then take care.
Love as Always Laura xoxox
Saturday, 23 August 2008

postheadericon Off Camping today woot!!

We are going away for a few days in our caravan and with Ali and her family. Kids ARE SOOOO excited! Hope the weather isn't too bad for us!
So won't be around for a few days but i'll be back soon with some pictures. Have a great weekend and take care. Love as always Laura xxxx
Friday, 22 August 2008

postheadericon New Template!

Another template for you please enjoy! 4shared link HERE xxx

postheadericon What a wicked day at Moo Farm!

Well what a fabbie dabbie doo day!!!!
We went to a place called Moo Farm, a very sweet indoor play area and outdoor small farm. It was a bit of a shock at first because we were literally expecting a farm so to have this play area especially for the kids was ace!!
I went with Ali and Leyton from next door and connor's playgroup.
Kids started the day by playing in the indoor play area and outside on the outdoor swings and stuff. Kaci especially liked the climbing wall, she was a pro by the end of the day!
Then the staff put on a wicked lunch for the children, erm which mummy munched aswell whilst Ali ate the biggest sausage and bacon sandwich i've ever seen pmsl!
We then went to see the animals which only consisted of rabbits, goats and pigs but they were soo very funny especially this one goat that followed us around all day haha, Ali grew rather attached to a rabbit that scratched her to bit awww!
Then we went on a tractor ride and the kids ate raw wheat which we did ourselves.
It was a superb day i'm so glad the rain held off, it was brilliant. I've put a few pics on for you to see but Ali from Dezigns by Ali has some really funny ones- go check them out pmsl.

Hope you have all had a great day. Untill next time Laura xxx

Thursday, 21 August 2008

postheadericon Here is the template i promised!

VERY VERY SIMPLE haha but i love it, i hope you do to. Here is the 4shared link HERE
Enjoy Hugs Loz xxxxx

postheadericon OK I'VE JUST FAINTED!!!!!!

Wow i pop over to my mum's to wish her a happy anniversary and i get back to another award woot!!!! And i really wanted this one pmsl !!!
Thankyou soo very much to Ali from Dezigns By Ali i'm totally over the moon! WOOT WOOT!
Hoping you are all well still, will be putting a REALLY easy template on later only two layers but i loved it simple like me pmsl!
Have a great evening xxxx Laura xxxxx
OMG Nearly forgot i will get to nominating blogs for this award v soon, decisions decisions!!!

postheadericon Woot, I've won this award again! hehe!

WOW Goodmorning everyone, i've had such a busy morninggggg!

Well it all started at about 8.30 when i got a text from Ali, she's not very well with her back at the moment and she couldn't even lift Leyton so she asked if i could go round to help, so packed the kids some clothes and off we went still all in our PJ's round to Ali's house.

After sorting all three kids we headed to the doctors, where Ali was given some strong pain killers so hopefully she'll soon be on the mend. ( get well soon hun! )

So now home with dye on my hair and connor asleep and i'm fluffed already hehe!

Came on here to see how my templates were doing and i've recieved the I LOVE YR BLOG AWARD again! woot! This was from Scraps By Mere Thankyou so very much hun, i appreciate it very much and i am so greatful, everyone has been so kind!!!

I think everyone has had this award now so many times so i'm kinda unsure who to nominate so i'm gonna give it some thought before i give out any names!!!

Tomorrow we are off to a place called Moo Farm with the kids and Ali and Leyton, its with the boys playgroup and i really hope the weather is good for us i will post some pics to show you how our day goes, then Saturday-to-tuesday we're going camping yay!!!!! So i may be absent for awhile but they'll be plenty of pics hehe!

Have a great day everyone. Speak soon Laura xxxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

postheadericon Another Template! Wahhhh! hehe!

Good morning Everyone, hope you are all well. Had a lovely lie in again today a lovely nine o'clock wake up call haha! My trick i hear you say keep the lil sausages up as late as you can lol!
Now Connor my youngest has decided to put all his breakfast over the floor whilst i'm typing grr!
Anyway another template for you all haha, i love em sorry!
Hope you all have a fab day, take care Laura xxx
Get my template HERE XXXX

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

postheadericon Friendship Wordart!! ( especially for Ali ) x

I have wanted to do something special for Ali for all the things she has helped me with lately, so i decided to create some wordart that explained how i felt! Awww bless my lil cottons hehe!
Anyways here is what i came up with, I hope you like it Ali, free free to download HERE and leave me some friendship love if you like it haha! Hugs Laura xxxxx

postheadericon Template3-Butterfly Cross x

Here is my newest template for you! Enjoy! Download from 4shared HERE

Hugs Laura xxx Please leave some love if you download, i sure enjoy reading your comments. x

postheadericon Morning All !

Good Morning Tuesday bloggers! Its not a bad day here in the UK sun's out and shining so hopefully i'll be able to get the kids out sometime today!
I have my niece and nephew coming over at ten, i haven't seen them in a while so i can't wait plus Mia ( my niece ) is staying the night so Kaci is sooo excited she's been up since 7 waiting...hehe!
Ali used my second template to make the fabulous tag you can see, isn't it awesome! Thanks hun!
I've got the third one ready for you just got to get it uploaded to 4shared then i'll put it on later today, and i'd like to say another big THANKYOU to the people who have left me such lovely comments, its really lovely reading them.
So have a great day everyone, take care!
Love as Always Laura xxxx
Monday, 18 August 2008

postheadericon Good Morning & Another Template For You!

Good Morning Everyone, Hope you are all well, gloomy day here in the UK so don't know what i'm going to be up to today.
I made this template for you all last night, I hope you like it. Here is the 4shared link to download HERE
And here is the preview Hugs Laura xxxx

Sunday, 17 August 2008

postheadericon Look What Ali did With My Template!!!!

WOOT WOOT!! Look what Ali has done with my template!!

I'm so very honoured, this tag is awesome, Fancy making my template look so darn great!!!

Thanks hunni it is fabulous and a great help to me knowing now that i can do this....

You have been such a help hun i couldn't of done it without you.!

Here is the smashing tag Ali made for me using my first ever template!!!!

Hugs Laura xxxxxx

postheadericon My First Ever Template....

This is my first ever attempt at creating my own templates. I know it is a very simple one but i just needed to know i could do it before attempting bigger and better things. I would love your imput on this, so if you do download please leave me your comments so i can do better for next time. Here is the 4shared link HERE Have fun xxx Laura xxx

postheadericon WOW! I Have Won A Trusted Friend Award!

WOW! Had a very well deserved lay in this mornning til 9.30! woot ! Then got up to find i'd won another award from a great friend Stu from CreativeCrazyScraps. Thanks so much hun, what a lovely guy!
I will be nominating Aqua from Aquarebel315 Well done hun!!
Don't know what i'm up to today wanna put some finishing touches to two great templates i have for you and hopefully get them up tonight or 2mrw morning!
Have a great day everyone!
Love as Always
Laura xxxx
Saturday, 16 August 2008

postheadericon What a lovely Saturday!

Wow, we've had a lovely afternoon! The day started out a bit rubbish, we was meant to be going camping yesterday but decided to leave it, but regretting it now as our weather has been lush so we was all kinda moody this morning...
but we all got in the car and drove around for a while and ended up at a place called How Hill.
This unlike the name suggests is not a hill but a lovely country massive field surrounded by lakes and rivers, where you can go on nature walks and on boat rides down the river.
There is also a secret cottage, very oldie worldy that they have turned into a museum and we had a look around there, but the greatest part was just letting the kids run riot with their ball on the field. Watching them run, skip, fall over and laugh was sooo good i could have sat and watched them all day i was beaming!!
We ended our lil trip out by taking the kids to Pizza Hut for tea! So very full and very tired i sit here writing this. I hope you have all had a great Saturday.
I'm also glad to hear that my smashing lil self appointed nephew Leyton ( ali's lil boy ) is feeling tons better, he wasn't to well last night and this morning, but is soooo much better now thank the lord!!!
Well peoples until next time take care!
Love as always Laura xxxx
Friday, 15 August 2008

postheadericon Well Good Morning Friday Bloggers!

Well i signed into my blog today to find i had recieved an award!! How excited was i !!

I've only been at this a couple of days and i am so shocked! Then i panicked cause i didn't know quite what to do hehe!

But after getting it all sorted with a little help from Ali ( thanks hun ) i can now relax and be happy woot!! Thanks Serina hun !!!

Lovely weather here again today, off out to pay some bills soon grr!!

Hop e you are all very well, I've been designing some templates for you all so keep a look out, i'm just getting to grip with copyrights and 4shared hehe!

So until next time peeps - Take care.

Love as Always Laura aka Loz xxxxxxx

postheadericon OMG I'VE WON AN AWARD!!!!! WOOT!!

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you recieved the award from. Mine was from Serina from Serina's Designz
Thankyou so much hun, this means so very much to me!!!!
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of the blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you have nominated!!!
Here are the blogs i have chosen!!
1. Ali from Dezigns By Ali
3. Yvette from Essence Of Creativity
4. Marie from Marie's Creations
6. Vix from Vix PSP
7. Marleen from Pink Kitty Scraps
Well done girls!!!!!!!
I am soo very chuffed to have recieved this award! Thank so much again Serina!!
Hugs Laura xxxxx
Thursday, 14 August 2008

postheadericon Good Morning - Everyone!!!

Well a very good morning to you all !
First of all i'd like to send a huge THANKYOU out to all the people who have left me such lovely messages on my blog and in my group! They are so sweet and i thank each one of you for them!
Well up early today, connor was awake at 7 so i got up and poodled around sorting the house out for abit.
I've been animating woot woot ! Started yesterday, and i absolutely love it! Started by doing a blinkie of all things so tiny to start with but i found it quite easy! I'd liike to say a big thanks to Ali for all her help and Aqua for her patience last night!! Thanks girls i really appreciate it!
Don't know what i'm up to today, fool around on here for abit then do something with the kiddies!
Whatever you are doing have a great day!
Take care.
Love as Aways
Laura aka Loz xox
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

postheadericon My Very First Post!!!!

Woohoo! Well i said i wanted a blog--and i was thrown in the deep end by Ali my gorgeous best friend! ( thanks hon )! Now i've panicked, sworn, huffed and puffed my way around looking at all the things we can do on here and finally created something i can look at and hopefully everyone else will like Lol!!
My name is Laura, ( as you can read about me -> ) I am mother to two gorgeous kids and wife to Spencer ( nearly a year now omg! ) I have a a fancination in PSP and have been dabbling with it now for about 9 weeks or so, I have made many good friends in the PSP world, many have helped me get to where i am, Ali for starters i wouldn't have even started PSP unless we were friends, next door neighbours and live in bestest of buddies!!! Thankyou so much, you are very special to us all! Then there's Yvette and Missy, creators of the best PSP MSN GROUP EVER! They have helped me with loads, thankyou girls for all your hard work! Aqua you have been amazing showing me so many things, thankyou honey!
Well i hope to be posting some bitz and bobz soon and hope to see you in and out of my cbox hehe! Until next time, you all take care!
Love as always Laura aka Loz xoxox

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