Saturday, 28 November 2009

postheadericon New Christmas Kit "Silent Night"

Good Evening!
I have a new product to show you that is now available in my stores.
It is my newest and favourite christmas kit i have made and it is called "Silent Night".

It is the biggest of my christmas kits with a staggering 85 elements, 17 papers, a whole set of upper case alpha, lower alpha plus symbols. And a bonus set of snowy wordart!!!!

The Papers are 900 x 900 300 DPI. All elements are 300 DPI. So ideal for printing.

Elements include
Many tree's
Artificial Snow effect
& Much more than shown in the previews!

Available now from Twilight Scraps and the rest of my stores in the morning!!
Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs Laura
Friday, 27 November 2009

postheadericon Treasured Scraps Celebrates Patty's Thanksgiving Sale!

This weekend we are celebrating not only thanksgiving but our store owner Patty's Birthday!!
This called for a double celebration and some very mad deductions!!!
I have been called all sorts of names for going so so low but for this weekend only along side some fantastic designers we are throwing a 35 cents sale!!!!
So til Sunday you can grab everything i have ever made for just thirty-five cents!!

"Note to Patty"
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!
May you have a wonderful day with all of your family and us your online family!!
Sending loadsa love your way!
Hugs Laura
Thursday, 26 November 2009

postheadericon Black Friday Sales Sales Sales!!!

Wow everyone!!
We have some awesome sales going on over this weekend!!
Some veryyy mad ones!
SO here's a taster for pay attention!!!!!!!

These are just two of my stores!!
I am at One Dollar in both!
Please visit to find not only my scraps but other fantastic designers!!!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Wednesday, 25 November 2009

postheadericon Dollar Day @ Twilight Scraps!!

Wow Wednesday's come around fast these days!!
But how good for you lot!!
Over two hundred products added and lots of christmas bargains to be found!!
My whole store is set to one dollar so grab it all now!!

Have a great day!!
Hugs Laura
Saturday, 21 November 2009

postheadericon Two new Christmas Kits Added!!

I have two new christmas kits up for sale at my stores wooooot!
They are Christmas Magic for Boys and Christmas Magic for Girls.

They each have 12 900 x 900 papers at 300 DPI.
They each have 67 elements plus 3 bonus frames!!
Both have santa's, reindeer, tree's, posers, soldiors baubles, snowmen and lots lots more!!!
Uploaded to stores now so click on your favourite to get them at discount prices!!
Or buy from my blog below.
Get them both for £1.50!!! Bargain but only from here!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

postheadericon Getting Ready For Christmas!!

Wow do you love the change!?
I do and it's all thanks to SkyScraps's again!
My new layout is all down to her amazing talent which never ceases to amaze me and she used my ptu kit "My Elegant Christmas" which adds that personal touch to it!!
The last week or so i have started christmas shopping and getting decorations sorted and i know a lot of people will say it's not even December yet! But i love christmas and i love the whole getting ready bit, being with family and friends talking about it and the children all getting excited at the santa's scenes in the shop windows and on telly Lol!!!
So I love this new layout and i want to thank Sky (Marie) from the bottom of my heart!! Thanks hunni-pie!!
New kits nearly finished and look out for a few blog trains coming too!!
Have a lovely weekend!!
Hugs Laura
Monday, 16 November 2009

postheadericon Look what Ali made me!!

How lush!
Ali made this using my "My Elegant Christmas" kit.
You can find this kit at all of my stores just click on the store of your choice on the right of my blog!
Thanks so much Ali for having a little play with my kit hunni!!!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon New Tutorial!!

I have a new tutorial on my blog using Ali's newest christmas kit " A Touch Of Winter Magic"
It is such a beautiful kit with so many possibilities it will keep all you taggers entertained for hours!!

Find the tutorial
and buy this fabulous kit from HERE
Thankyou Ali for letting me show off this amazing kit..!!!
I feel like it's christmas already!!
Sunday, 15 November 2009

postheadericon New Award!! Woooot!!

This amazing award has been given to me by my wonderful friend Jessica aka
Thanks so much sweetie this means a lot!!
I haven't had an award for ages Lol.

So this Honest Scrap award has to be passed on to ten friends that i think are worthy...oh my....i'm gonna have no problem i have so many i wish i could send it to more!!
And then i have to tell you ten things about me...ooooh!!!
So first for the ten award winners!!

Deb from Deb's Designz
Ali from Designs by Ali
Nikki from Creatie Intentions
Funky from Funky Fever
Patty from Honored Scraps
andi know she sent it to me but i cannot possibly leave Jess out
so Jess from Gothic Inspirations

Now ten things about me...
1. I love my family and friends more than anything in the whole world...nothing comes even close!
2. I have been designing for nearly one year now - in Jan infact!
3. I am a Twilight Addict!!!!!!!!!
4. I love lasange and pasta!!
5. I love shopping with my bestest friend Ali.
6. I love singing at the local karaoke!!
7. I love christmas - my favourite time of the year!
8. I hate arguing.....i hate falling out!!
9. I enjoy watching movies with my hubby!
10. I love meeting and getting to know new people!!

So there ya go!!!
Have a great day everyone!!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Freebie Alert!!!!

Hello Everyone!
Seems like ages since i posted a freebie for you all.
Well today i am on my own with the kiddies whilst hubby is off with his car club miles and miles away and i thought before i start on anything i am going to make a special freebie for you all!
 So without further ado here it is....

You will receive six 900 x 900 TS Papers all with the snowy winter/christmas theme.
I have made them all commercial use so designers feel free to grab for any of your kits!!
No credit is required but a thankyou is always appreciated!!

So i'm off to finish some store collabs then maybe get some of my kits finished!!
Lots to do indoors as i'm either on here or out these days, poor house has been neglected!
Wishing you all a lovely week to come!!
Hugs n Love
Wednesday, 11 November 2009

postheadericon Twilight Scraps Dollar Day!!

It's here again!!
Over 200 quality products in the dollar day catagory!!
Including all my new kits and CU!
Click HERE to get there!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon CU 4 CU CANDY XMAS FRAMES!

Made these last night while i couldn't sleep.
 There are seven 900 x 900 300DPI Frames.
They are CU or CU 4 CU.
Feel free to use as they are or resell with no credit required!!
Available in all my stores now!
Have a great day!
Hugs Laura
Tuesday, 10 November 2009

postheadericon Birthday Wishes...New PTU!!

Birthday Wishes!

I have always wanted to make a Big Birthday kit and well here it is!!
This birthday kit is all you will ever need for every birthday occassion for example, it covers all young ages, as i made a 0-9 birthday font myself!

It also will cover Sweet 16, the big 21, 30, 40 ect!!
There is for starters a main folder where you will find lots of awesome birthday elements such as balloons, hats, streamers, confetti, blow-out, cakes, candles, cards, all the birthday numbers, signs and posters and banners!

Then there are 20 900 x 900 Papers to chose from and as a bonus you will receive 2 extra folders. One with Girls Birthday Bits and the other with Boys Birthday Bits! For example Pink candles, cakes, dolls, castle, flowers for the girls and blue cakes, candles, trucks, boats, doggies, and more for the boys!!!

So as you can see there is more than enough to keep you making those birthday layouts and tags for all your family!!!

All that's left for me to say is Have A Very Happy Birthday!!!

Hugs Laura


Sunday, 8 November 2009

postheadericon Helping Mr Elric Collab.

Two designers , Scraps By Storm and Childress Imaging, 7 year old son was recently diagnosed with DIPG, a rare form of brain stem cancer for which there is no cure. They were first told he was stage 4 and only had 6 months to live. The tumors have effected the right side of his body, he has problems walking, can't use his right hand, his face droops down, and he can't eat by hisself.

They did some research on this form of cancer and found an experimental study being done at St.Jude. The doctors here say that with positive treatments Elric can live a long and healthy life . So they began their 1,000 mile journey to start Elric's treatments. The father was self employed and had to stop working so that way someone would be around to watch their youngest child, Kat 3 years old, while Elric goes through his treatments. They are to be at St Jude till sometime in mid December, so a bunch of us designers who were touched by Elric's story decided to make a collab for them to help them pay their bills while they are without income.
To find out more ways to help Elric's family in their time of need please go to his website at

To help support Elric we have made a facebook fan page for him where we will update everyone on his condition, and post pictures of his journey.

I have helped in this very special collab and this is my collab part

This collab is priced at just $4!!!
All the money goes towards this brave boy's recovery and to help find out other ways of helping this horrible cancer.
You can purchase this kit at

Please help if you can 30 kits for just $4 is so little but can help out so so much!!!
Big Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far!!
Hugs Laura
Saturday, 7 November 2009

postheadericon NEW KIT " My Elegant Christmas"

This is My Elegant Christmas!
It is Tagger Size with 12 900 x 900 Papers, 50 Elements and 3 Cluster Frames.
As you can see it is a very traditional and elegant looking christmas kit, which takes me back to my childhood where around my nan's we'd see lots of Gold, Red & Green!!
Just beautiful!!

You can buy it now from all my stores and it is included in the NSD Sales!!!
Or buy it from me here buy hitting the Buy It Now Button!
Happy Christmas Scrapping!!
Hugs Laura


Just to let you know where the sales are today fot National Scrapbooking Day!

Also i know Heartbeatz Creationz & Treasured Scraps also have sales going on so be sure to check them out!!!
Have a great weekend!
Friday, 6 November 2009

postheadericon Happy Scrapbooking Day/Weekend!! + FREEBIE!

Morning everyone!
Well it's that time of year again for Scrapbooking Day and i know lot's and lot's of places to get some amazing deals and mega huge sales!!!

All the stores above are having some wicked sales and i'm so proud to be a part of them.
To get to these stores just click on any of the blinkies on the right hand side under Stores I Sell At.

And so i thought i would give something away too.
This kit was part of a collab at Twilight Scraps which finished last month.
I'm offering it FREE HERE for you all to snag on this special day!

Domestic Vilolence Awareness!

Have a great weekend no matter what you are doing!!
Hugs and Love
Wednesday, 4 November 2009

postheadericon Twilight Scraps Dollar Day!!

Yes it's that day again!!! Don't Wednesday's come around so fast!!

Find lots of my products at just one dollar!!
Including my new christmas overlay pack below!!!
Click on the link to get there!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Christmas Overlay Pack One.

This morning i was woken by my son coughing his head off at 6am so we got up and i got busy making my first ever pack of Christmas Overlays!

There are ten in total!
They are Commercial Use and Tagger Size at 900 x 900, 300 DPI.
I have uploaded them to all my stores and they are on sale for only a dollar or less!!! Bargain!!!
No credit is required so feel free to use them to make anything you like.
Happy Christmas Scrapping!
Hugs Laura
Monday, 2 November 2009

postheadericon New CU/PU Xmas Grabbag @ Twilight Scraps

This Christmas CU/PU Grab Bag was put together by almost all of our very talented designers. You will get this FREE with any purchase of $10.00 or you can purchase it outright for $33.00 WOW that is only $1.00 per product.

1. Add $10.00 worth of products to your shopping cart.

2. Go to Collaborations and add the CU/PU Grab Bag to your cart.

3. Go to check out and add the following code:
Coupon Code: NovCollab2009
Find us HERE
Sunday, 1 November 2009

postheadericon Halloween 09 Photo's!

Last night we had a bit of a party for my kids and Ali brought Leyton and we decorated the house!
I put on a bit of food for them and they had an awesome night.
Here are a few pictures of the fun we had!

As you can see we all had such fun!!
We then went out trick or treating and the boys couldn't believe the amount of candy they got!!
Mummy won't need to buy sweets for a long long time Lol!!
I hope you all had a great Halloween!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon GI November Train!! Autumn Blessings!

So here is this month's awesome Gothic Inspirations Blog Train and this month is all about Autumn!!!
This train is also Commercial Use so even better to collect!!
Some amazing designers have joined this month so be sure to stop by everyone to see what great freebies are being given away.
Here is my contribution and i hope you lke it. If you do please leave me a comment or maybe even vote for me at one of my topsites...that would be wicked thank you!!!

Now below are all the other amazing designers!
Have fun on this amazing train!!!

Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations
Julie with: Bits N Bobs
Jill with: Created By Jill
Dianna with: Digicats (& Dogs)
Jen with: GF Designz
Laura with: Laura's Designz  YOU ARE HERE!
Sky with: Sky's Scraps
Natasha with: Sticky Kisses Designs
Melinda with: Melinda's Designs
Cora with: Pimpd Designz
Nette and Sherra with: Nette and Sherra's Scraps
Tracy with: Scrap Anonymous
Judy with: Winter's Loft
Rebecca & Elisabeth with: Candy Coated Scraps
Jo with: Creationz By Jo
Rachel with: Rachels Expressionz
Twinky with: Twinky Dezines
Kelly with: Angels Designz

postheadericon It's November!!! + New Store Opening!!!

Wow November has come around fast hasn't it?!!!!
One month and 25 days til christmas that is mad!!!!
Lots and lots will be happening this month and next as you can imagine and just for starters we have the Grand Opening of an amazing store called

This store is exactly what it says, a store that has only tagger size kits, CU/PU and so much more but all TS!!!
Most designers have a sale going on including me so why not pop on over and take a look and see what you think.
Pick up the collab for free when you spend just ten dollars!!!!!!

Also keep an eye out for the next instalment of Gothic Inspirations November Blog Train..
Being posted next!!!!
Have an awesome November!!
Hugz Laura

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