Monday, 31 May 2010

postheadericon Day 4..The Chicken Pox Saga. Lol

Good Evening Everyone.
Just a quick update on Connor.
It's Day 4 with his chicken pox and thankfully they are beginning to heal!
He had a really great nights sleep, and got up very happy.
Today he has eaten well and had lots to drink!
He's had a minor break out today, but very few on his face thank goodness.
Most of his spots now are scabbing over, some are very deep though and i hope they don't scar!
He's been bathed tonight and creamed all over i hope that helps soothe his skin.
Here are a couple of pictures of his worst affected areas.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has given me great advice.
And have sent us loads of get well soon's!!!
I am just so happy he's past the worst of it!
See you all again soon, i'm now off to do some more work!
Sunday, 30 May 2010

postheadericon Update on Connor.

Well it's been a mega hard 48 hours for Connor bless him.
I've never seen so many spots!
They have multiplied by the hundred, no exaggeration!
They are in his mouth, ears and near to eyes so he is suffering terribly.
He also has developed a rare side effect to Chicken Pox, Diarreah and Vomiting,
Up til a couple of hours a go he wasn't eating so this morning i decided to take him straight to hospital to be checked over.
They monitored him for 3 hours, his breathing is very short again another side effect, and really only allowed him home because he had 2 ice pops.
Since having him home though i'm glad to say he slept for a couple of hours and then ate a fair portion of daddies Sausage, Mash and Veg! He has also started drinking more!
I have bathed him and covered him in Calamine Lotion as he hates the gel, well he hates me touching them full stop really but it has to be done so i have to be hard and firm with him, even though i hate it!

I'm gonna keep him up as late as i can and then hope he crashes for the night, it's always the night's and morning that seem to effect children so much isn't it!!
It's a hard job being a mum!
Watching your child suffer when you are trying to do everything you can yet they are still hurting is just the worst! The pits!
I really do hope that as it's day three we are at the worst stage,,,,pray for him will you...i know i will be!
Thanks for all the lovely messages i have gotten on here, on really does help!
Big hugs and i'll keep you updated!

Sorry i haven't posted any freebies since we got back from my hols, with Connor being so ill i am on facebook games with him most times when on the computer to try keep him occupied!
Freebies will follow soon i promise!
Saturday, 29 May 2010



This tagger sized kit contains 15 Papers 800 x 800 300 dpi and 60 Elements.

This is a kit that i have loved making, it has so much attitude but be warned it has some signs that shouldn't be shown to children so just a warning there.

We all experience drama at different stages in our lives and some people even love drama, so this kit is great if you love it or loathe it lol...

From Save the drama signs, to some wicked posers made by House of Posers ( see credits ) there are corsets, gloves, funky flowers, belts buckles and so much more to make some awesome taggies or anything else you like!
For personal use only please!

If you need to contact me regarding anything about this kit please email me at

You can buy this kit from all my stores now or from me direct by clicking on the Buy it Now button below for just £1.50!

Big hugs Laura

postheadericon Memorial Weekend Sales!

Good Morning all!
Hope you are all having a good start to your bank holiday weekend.
Connor slept well last night concidering he is covered in Chicken Pox, got into my bed about 4am but settled down and slept til nearly 8!
He's not scratching hardly at all and i hope it stays that some wicked cream from the pharmacy and it's awesome so much better than the usual Calamine Lotion.
He is loose down below though, a side effect of the Pox virus and that's annoying him more than the spots themselves!
I hope it soon gets better for him, but he's being a super brave boy!

This weekend is Memorial Weekend and all my stores are having lots of sales!
I am still at $1 sale in every store so pop along now to grab some awesome bargains!
And i have finally finished my newest kit and i will post about that as soon as it is in stores, which will be sometime soon!
So have a great weekend everyone and stay safe and happy!
All my love

Friday, 28 May 2010

postheadericon Back From Holiday!

Hello Everyone :O)
Well we are back from our holiday at Butlins, Skegness and we had a totally wicked fun time!
We hardly stopped and managed to fit in everything we wanted to get done.
Kaci & Connor were in their element again, playing, watching all the fantastic shows, dancing and swimming!
Even Spencer & I love Butlin's, it's one place i will never tire of!
Here are a few pictures i took...literally just a few i took over 200 in total! Lol.

We had great fun and Connor even came home with something extra!!!

Went to get him dressed this morning before breakfast and he has quite a few over different areas on his body!
So i'm keeping an eye on him and will stock up on Calamine Lotion and Cotton Wool! Lol.
I hope he doesn't get them as bad as his step-brother did, he was totally covered even inside his eyes and throat!!!
So i'll be back to normal routine soon!
Hopefully will be back with some freebies and more updates at some point tomorrow!
Hope you are all well and will check in again soon!
Hugs Laura
Wednesday, 19 May 2010

postheadericon Two Attitude Template :O)

Template 15 can be found

Template 16 can be found

Both these templates are in PSD format and can be used in your tags or anything else, just please send people to my blog to download, Do not add to your supplies!
Hope you enjoy them, i enjoyed making them, really chilled me out!
Have a good night i'm now off to the land of nod pmsl...
Hugz and snuggles

Sunday, 16 May 2010

postheadericon New Tutorial from Lisa! xx

This beautiful tutorial uses my new kit
"Missing You"
Lisa has colourised my kit and it looks fab!
You can find my kit available to buy right here on my blog or at any of my stores.

Thank you so much Lisa.
I appreciate all your hard work on my kits, and love your work to bits!
Find Lisa's tutorial by clicking on the word forever above!
Have a lovely day!
Huggles Laura
Saturday, 15 May 2010

postheadericon Happy 1st Birthday Twilight Scraps!

Happy 1st Birthday
Twilight Scraps!

Come and join in our celebrations..lots of door prizes and give aways!
Plus our amazing cu grab bag free when you spend just $10 or more!

Come on over and support us in our week long birthday bash!
Huggles Laura
Thursday, 13 May 2010

postheadericon New Template After A Freaky Morning!

              Well today started very normal for me..
Getting the kids up, sorting their school things, took Kaci my eldest to school..home for a while then taking my youngest to nursery in town.
On the way back i stopped at a local shop brought some pillows and started home to have a play on here.
Some jack ass decided to mount the pavement near the bridge and completely freak me and about 4 other people out!!!
He had a convertable open top car and he was whooping and screaming stuff i couldn't understand, he wasn't English..he stayed on the pavement til there was none left to use then put his foot down and screeched away!!
What an idiot, myself and another lady had to calm this poor elderly guy down and i wish someone would have grabbed his number plate but it was all so fast and i think we were all too freaked out to think clearly.
When i got home i was still shaking..closest i've come to being run i had a nice cuppa and a chat with one of my best friends to calm me down.
Jamie is coming to see us soon and i can't wait...we go back years!

Anyways i made a quick template for those that are interested and you can grab it at the link below.
Tutorial writers are welcome to use it in their tuts.
Have a nice and safe day guys and watch out for pillocks out there...i'm sure there's one around every corner Lol.
Huggles Laura

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

postheadericon New PTU Kit "Nothing More Precious Than You"

Nothing More Precious Than You
This tagger sized kit is a baby kit for all babies!

In beautiful pinks, purples, blues and greens it captures both sexes and babies that you don't know the sex of!
Lots of beautiful elements make up this tagger sized kit, including...
and lots more aswell!

It has 15 Papers also 800 x 800 300 DPI.

This kit can be used to capture those precious first moments, or christenings, birthday's and much more.

Have fun and if you need to contact me please email me on

This kit can be downloaded from one of my stores or buy clicking on the buy it now button below for just £1.50!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

postheadericon New Kit "Big, Bright & Beautiful"

This tagger sized kit is another amongst my fantasy kits.
It's name says it all!

It contains 12 800 x 800 300dpi Papers & 69 elements!
Lots of colourful elements to make some awesome tags or stats!
Have lots of fun!

Drop shadows on the preview only
Available now from all my stores or simply hit the buy it now button below for just £1.50!

Enjoy everyone
Hugz Laura

postheadericon Please Note!

Buy it now buttons have now been added to all my newest kits and commercial use packs!
You can grab all my designs for just £1.50!
Let me know if you want more than one product at a time and i will redo you a bill at a cheaper price but make sure you contact me before!
Hugs and much love Laura
Tuesday, 4 May 2010

postheadericon New Baby Boy Element Pack One Available NOW!

This is my Baby Boy Element Pack One
You will receive 12 Elements that will look perfect in all your baby boy kits and stats!
1 Pillow
1 Train
1 Teddy
2 balloon
1 Teddy with balloon
1 Clock
1 Bib
1 Rattle
1 Block
1 Sign

All elements are commercial use with no credit required!
Drop Shadows on preview only!
Available from all my stores NOW!
Or simply hit the buy it now button below for just £1.50!

Hugz Laura

postheadericon Fantastic collabs available now!

Floral Surprise Store Collab!
This Floral Surprise Collaboration was put together by several of our very talented designers. You will get this FREE with any purchase of $10.00 OR you can purchase it outright for only $10.00.
1. Add $10.00 worth of products to your shopping cart.
2. Go to check out and it will automatically add the collab to your cart.
Thank you for supporting the only store Just 4 Taggers on the net!!

Along The GrapeVine Collab
This Along The Grape Vine Collaboration was put together by several of our very talented designers. You will get this FREE with any purchase of $10.00 OR you can purchase it outright for only $10.00.
1. Add $10.00 worth of products to your shopping cart.
2. Go to check out and it will automatically add the collab to your cart.
Thank you for supporting Twilight Scraps!!

So there you go two fantastic new collabs, why not visit the stores now!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Two Beautiful tags made using my kits!

This awesome tag was made using my Always You Ptu Kit.

This tag was made using one of my many templates that you can download from my blog!
Thank you so much to Vicky who made them, i think they are stunning and i love to see what you guys come up with after using my work! Makes my day!
Have a good one everyone!
Hugz Laura
Saturday, 1 May 2010

postheadericon Gothic inspirations The Four Elements Blog Train..

This is my part of this month's awesome Gothic Inspirations Blog Train.
You can download it

Follow this awesome train by going down the list and collecting all the other fab parts of the train.
Have fun and don't forget if you download please leave a small thank you it makes our day!
Hugs Laura

Kelly with: Angels Designz

Julie with: Bits N Bobs

Candy with: Candys Treasures

Muriel with: Creative-Disorder

Dani with: Darkmoon's Dream

Melanie with: Design By Melanie

Dianna with: Digicats (& Dogs)

Sarah with: Designs By Sarah

Conchi with: DNScraps

Jessica with: Gothic Inspirations

Hezalin with: HezaScraps & Tags

Laura with: Laura's Designz You Are Here!

Sally with: Mythical Designs

Rachel with: Rachels Expressionz

Sky with: Sky's Scraps

Julie with: Whispy's D'zines

Judy with: Winter's Loft


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