Sunday, 13 November 2011

postheadericon Freebie Cluster Frames Using Winter Wishes.

These are two cluster frames i made using my new kit
You are so welcome to download them at the link below.
Please do not share these are free just direct people to my site!
Personal use only please.
Enjoy and if you like these the kit is available at both my stores!
Hugs LauraJo

postheadericon New PTU Kit. Winter Wishes.

Here we have a winter/christmas themed kit for all your beautiful tagging.
This kit comes with 12 papers all 700 x 700 and each different.
This kit comes with an amazing 70 elements that captures the look and feel of winter.
I don't know about you but i feel there is something truly magical about snow and winter colours and ice!
I have tried to make this kit inspired by how i see winter and feel it.

So enjoy and if you want to ask me anything please contact me at
Thanks and enjoy xxx
Available from both my stores now!
Monday, 24 October 2011

postheadericon New Kit! TOTAL ATTITUDE!

This is my first kit in a long long time and i am so pleased with how it turned out!
Does exactly what it says on the tin lol!
Full of attitude and ready for you to make some stunning tags and layouts!
Findit at my stores now!
Friday, 2 September 2011

postheadericon Staying As I Am! Lol :O)

Ok...Pmsl....You Ready?!

I was going to change my name etc...change me....but you what...Not Any More!
I have decided there is nothing wrong with my name hehe!
After getting so many emails regarding my change and friends asking why was i changing in the first place i thought you know what why change!!
I've been Laura's Designz now for a few years, thats's how people know me.

I guess i wanted to change because i felt i needed a new start.
But i have my new start, i don't need to change anything! Lol.

So what have i been up to lately....well.....

God i've been busy,
The summer holidays have been awesome.
We've been to Legoland with our best friends Jodie, Kevin and their beautiful boys Daniel & Reece.
Had an amazing time, weather was beautiful!
We've also just got back from another short break together at Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes.
We travel everywhere together and plan on going back at Christmas Time as they have the most amazing christmas celebrations.
We've all been swimming and for day trips out...i have lots of photo's to sort through,
When i do i will add some.

I also am now on our local town commity.
We've had two brilliant family nights that we raised over £700 for Help For Heroes.
We have another coming up on 10th September so we hope to raise a bit more before we send the final amount off!
We've partied til dawn and loved every minute.
My PSP has helped make all the posters and invites and tickets so that was good!

A few of us mum's from our local school and town got together last week to go and see Abba the Tribute.
Myself, Jodie, Jade, Sharon, Tammy, Sarah, Michelle, & Sam all had a fantastic time bopping away to Abba and screaming out all the words, although poor Michelle's leg gave way and she ended up going to hospital! Thank goodness she's on the mend!
I wore the highest heels ever and my feet were in pieces for days lol!
Jade and I walked home bare footed and her feet were bleeding terrible!
But we both said the next day it was well worth it as it was such a great night. Lol
We're all going out again once kids are back at school!

So it's been a very busy 6 weeks!
My littlens go back to school Wednesday, Connor will be starting all day!!!!
I'm so nervous, i won't know what to do with myself..but i know he'll be fine and his big sister Kaci will take good care of him, plus his best friends are there with him in his class.
It's my birthday Monday coming and we'll all be celebrating together, i can't wait!
Jeez doesn't time fly when your having fun!

So i am making a new blog layout, that should be up soon and i have some kits in the making.
Although i haven't really been as much on here as i used to be i still enjoy this part of my life and won't neglect my friends.
I am a mod in the best ever forum TAGGER'S DEN.
I help out with weekly challenges and have the best online friends ever in there!
Come over and see us!

So that's about it for now.
Will be back soon with pictures and lots more!
Hugs and Love
Friday, 5 August 2011

postheadericon New Tutorial - Lady Of Pleasure.

Thanks to Jay aka Bello Scarto for the use of her amazing kit!

postheadericon Buy My Store Now Available @ Heartbeatz Creationz!!!

As promised i have decided to do you all a fabulous bargain!
All my items here in store!
All yours for just $12!
Everything valued at over $200 dollars!
You are getting a brilliant deal!

This gets you EVERYTHING here in my store!!

Don't miss out!
Grab this amazing bargain from

When you buy you will recieve a file
in this file is important instructions on how to get your hands on all my items, please follow carefully as you will need to mail information to storeowner for coupon details

A huge thank you to Jay for helping me set this up!
She truly rocks as a store owner and more importantly as a friend!!!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Buy My Store Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
Buy My Store for just $12!!
81 fantastic products valued at over $200!
This will include all my Laura's Designz
This offer won't last forever and may even go DOWN!!!!!
So keep your eyes open!
This offer will only be at

Thursday, 4 August 2011

postheadericon News!

Good Afternoon All.
I am writing to let you know of some changes that will be happening in the near future.
I have been away for a while because my heart has not been into kit making now for some time.
My whole life style has done a much has changed and for the better!

I have been enjoying life away from the computer so much more than i used to,
I'd got myself into a rut and a never ending circle that just kept repeating and repeating itself.
It wasn't healthy for me, it made me sad and depressed and very negative.
Finally i have shaken that part of my life and now have found true happieness, true friendship and posativity again!!!!

Although i am extreamly happy I do miss creating and so want to get back into it but i feel like i need a whole new me...I want everything to be shiny and new!
Which means new designer name, new ideas, new look, new everything!!!
I want a whole new start and feel this will benifit me and everyone else who has stood by my side.

So a lot will have to be changed,
I won't tell you my new name yet but i love it and the closest to me do too!
This will all take a while to get sorted and a new blog plus everything that goes with it so please bare with me.

While all this is happening i have chosen for now to stick to just two stores to sell my current designs at.
This is because i cannot keep spreading myself so thin.
I'd rather be the best i can be in two stores than give a little of me between 6.
I hope you can understand that.
So until my big reveal i am going to have a sale on all my Laura's Designz kits.
It will be a huge sale so keep your eyes peeled!!!!
Big hugs Laura
Thursday, 30 June 2011

postheadericon Wow It's Been A While!

The header say's it all hey?
It certainly has been a very long time for me!
I've been away for so long making kits and well anything really that i am thinking to myself do i even remember how?! Lol.

Well a lovely lady brought a pre-made blog template from me and i spent today sorting it out for her.
You can see it all HERE

I enjoyed making it for her and i hope it will spur me onto making more stuff.
So hope you'll pop back and see me soon!
Wednesday, 4 May 2011

postheadericon Hello and more blogs to show off!!

Hello You Lot!
Well i've been a busy bunny!
Gina who i made the newest blog for basically loved her blog that much she has had me make her other three over!!!!!!!!!!
How amazingly proud do i feel!!!!!!
4 blogs!
Well i have gotten 2 done and finished and here they are to show you!

Click HERE for this very rare blog layout, amazingly good for tutorial blogs as you can have the entire picture showing and at it's original size!

And click HERE for Gina's Tut's & Such Blog!

I have one more blog to customise for Gina!
I am so so pleased she chose me!
Very very proud!
Hugs Laura
Sunday, 1 May 2011

postheadericon New Dream Blog Made For Gina x

This Dream Blog was made for a new friend Gina!
Gina wanted a new look to her blog and i am so pleased she picked me to design and create this new blog.
You can view the whole blog HERE
And Gina wrote me a lovely thank you email which you can also read on my Dream Blog itself HERE
I am now working on Gina's new tutorial blog!
So keep your eyes peeled!
And if you want a DREAM BLOG for yourself please email me!
Hugs Laura
Wednesday, 13 April 2011

postheadericon New Dream Blog Made For Patty xx

Honored Scraps New Easter Blog!
Patty one of my oldest and best friends online is now easter blogified!
See it in full by clicking on the picture or link.
And if you would like your own Dream Blog!
Drop me a line at

Hope you like it Patty

postheadericon Hiya -x-

Hello Everyone!
A huge apology for not being around for a while.
As some of you may know my husband is having some medical problems concerning a growth between his ear drum and his brain.
This has led me to be away from PC life a lot lately.
He had his first operation Monday and has recovered very well.
But he has the main op in the next 2-3 weeks.
This op will be 6-7 hours long as they have so much to do.

So needless to say i will be off and on from designing and internet life.
I know i haven't gotten any kits out since valentine's but i will be tryin to make a kit soon!
Hope you like my quick easter blog layout!
I have made one for my friend Patty of Honored Scraps.
Will hope to get this done for her sometime this evening once our time zone gap wakes up lol.
Then i can show you all!

Don't forget if you fancy a dream blog, made from scratch using your own dreams and ideas just email me at my contact email to the left side box.
These help me take my mind off everything!
Really enjoy making them.

Hoping you are all well.
Hugs Laura
Thursday, 31 March 2011

postheadericon Special Dream Blog For Mandy's Mum.

I was asked to create a blog for a special lady called Audrey.
Audrey passed away last month and her daughter Mandy is going to be making a charity kit for her.
Mandy wanted a special blog and home for her mum's memories and kit to be hosted and so i came up with this design.

I'm so pleased Mandy likes what i created.
And so i ask if there are any designers out there that would like to help in Mandy's mum's charity kit
please email me and i will pass your information on to Mandy.

If anyone else would like a memorial blog please don't hesitate to ask.
Big hugs Laura
Saturday, 26 March 2011

postheadericon 25% sale off Dream Blog Customisations!

Over this Easter period
i will be having a 25% sale on all blogs made, full and pre-made!
Just email me for details

postheadericon New Pre-Made Blog "Easter Bunnified"

You can own this bunnylicious blog right now by buying from
This blog will totally transform your blogger layout!
Perfect for easter and just so cute!!!
Or email me for more information!!!
You can also check me out at Dream Blog Customisations for even more choices!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Blog Made For Carla aka Vixen!

I made this blog for one of my close buddies Carla and she wanted the fabulous work of Keith Garvey!
His work is sooooo awesome, i had just completed Justines who wanted the same tube a couple of weeks a go! Lol.
You can see the whole blog by clicking on the preview!
Vixen is very happy which makes me very happy too!
Don't forget you too can get your very own dream blog by emailing me at
Or you can grab a pre made blog fom my Dream Customisations Blog HERE
Big hugs
Wednesday, 23 March 2011

postheadericon Another Dream Blog Made! This one for Kyrsten x

Kyrsten asked for a total Dream Blog Customisation and wanted the fabbb work of Ismael Rac!
After a few days work together this is the beautiful outcome!
I am happy to say Kyrsten loves it and that makes me very happy!
Big hugs to you Kyrsten enjoy your new blog!
You can have a Dream Blog too for just $10!
I will work with you closely to make sure you get everything you want!
Just email me or visit my Dream Blog Customisation Blog for more info!
Saturday, 19 March 2011

postheadericon Introducing Dream Blog Customisations!

is my new blog where i will be showing my new and unique pre made blog layouts.
If you fancy a completely new blog look then this is the place to see!
I will also be offering total blog customisations where i will work from scratch with you using all your own ideas to make your dream blog!!!!!!!
So why not check DBC out!
Hope to see you there soon!
Hugs Laura
Thursday, 17 March 2011

postheadericon You Wanna See?

My lovely winner Justine has had her blog re-vamped and i am proud to show you
her awesome new blog!

Click on the preview or her name to get you to see the full blog layout!!!!!
I worked hard along side Justine to make sure i included everything she wanted and i am so pleased
that she just loves the end result!!
So i am offering this service to anyone that would like a fully customised blog layout,
Starting from scratch i will work out just exactly what it is you want and make you your dream blog!
The next couple of months i will be on sale maing these at the fabbbbb price of just $8!!
So email me at if you are interested!
Big hugs Laura
Monday, 14 March 2011

postheadericon And The Winner Is!!!!!!

After a long look at the amazing creations i have been sent this last week
My hubby Spencer & I have decided on our winner of my 
Forum Set Blog Makeover Competition!!!!!


with this amazing creation!

Congratulations hunny, you have won yourself a complete blog makeover!
I will be emailing you today to start the process!
I will work closely with you so you receive exactally what you want!!

My runners up are as follows


Congratulations ladies!!!!!
You may each choose two kits of your choice from my PTU kits!!!!!!!
Just email me with your requests and i will send them for you!

Thanks for all the entries for this competition!
Each set is saved and much loved and will be used from today in my forums! Yay!

Big hugs and love to all these lovely ladies!
I look forward to working with you all!
Huggles Laura
Saturday, 12 March 2011

postheadericon Blog Competition Ends Soon!!!

A quick reminder that my blog competition is ending Tomorrow Night!
You have til Sunday evening UK time to get any entries in!
All you have to do is make me a forum set with my designer name
Laura's Designz on it.
You could be in with a chance of winning a complete blog makeover!!!!

My awesome hubby will be judging this competition and i will be revealing the winner
Monday Morning!

I will also be showing some of the fabulous designs i have received!
There is some awesome talent out there!
So good luck everyone!
Hugs Loz xx

postheadericon TT4NZ LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!!

Launch day is tomorrow!!!!!
Get yourself over to the TT4NZ Blog and donate now to receive this amazing callab
containing 47 kits!!!!!

You will be contributing to the most amazing fund raising going on right now!!!!
Be a part of something!
Love to all
Sunday, 6 March 2011


Keep for yourself or gift to a friend?!

This is the competition for you.
Recently i have gotten back into forum's and i have no forum sets ((wahhh))

Bascially all you need to do to enter is design me a forum set consisting of an avatar and tag and
send to my email

The competition will b judged by my loving hubby!
Who loves the girly tubes ;o)
Ending the 13th March the winner will be announced on Monday 14th!
Winner will receive a complete blog makeover!
Unique and designed to their liking!!!!!
I will also choose three runners up who will receive a kit of their choice!!

So have fun!!!!
Let's see some forum sets!!
Huggles and Good Luck

postheadericon New Taggie From Vixen!

Look at this beauty from Vicky aka Vixen!
Vicky used my STUFF YOU! kit available from all my stores.
Vix has a lush new blog you can visit now called

Thanks so much hunny!
I love it so much, another fave tube too!
Gotta love Keith Garvey!
Hugz Loz

postheadericon New Blog Competition Coming Soon!


postheadericon New Tutorial From Marie! :O)

This cute little tag comes with a lovely tutorial from
Marie at
Have a look at the link above she has some amazing tuts there!
Marie uses my BROKEN kit.
Which can be found at all my stores.
Thanks so much hun!
You rock!
Saturday, 5 March 2011

postheadericon Check Out My New Tutorial! Stuff You!

This tutorial is ready to try out now at my tut blog below!

It's made using my new kit STUFF YOU.
Available from all my stores now!
Have fun!
Hugz Loz
Wednesday, 2 March 2011

postheadericon New PTU "STUFF YOU!"


This kit was inspired by the amazing artwork of
 Scraps By Roo.
The awesome poser set she created called STUFF YOU led me into making this kit!
It is fantasic if you are after a bit of attitude!
Please read the Credit Info inside the Zip.

This kit is Tagger Sized and has lots inside.
There are 13 Papers and over 70 elements to get your creative brains in gear!
These elements include
3 Posers from the fabulous Roo.
Metal Lock
Broken Hearts
Stuff You Wordart
Star Drops
and seriously loads more besides!!!!

As i said earlier a fabbbb kit if you wanna make that tag or layout with a hint of attitude!!!
Let's Get Creativeeeee!
Hugs Laura
Available from all stores now!

postheadericon A Lovely Tag.

Just wanted to show this amazing tag from

It's called FIGHT and has some awesome artwork by the lovely

Beautiful work by both artists!!!
Love it!
Thanks Ali
Monday, 28 February 2011

postheadericon For Those That Have Asked After My Hubby x

Thank you firstly for the lovely emails and posts on facebook asking after my hubby
who has been having trouble with his ears.
The ear that is particually bad is his left one.
Basically about ten/eleven years ago just before Spencer and I met his ear drum burst and left him partially deaf in that ear.
He has had a few ear infections in this ear but this last couple of months it has been terrible.
It started one evening when a arge piece of something awful literally fell out of his ear.
We thought it might be just a bad case of wax and dirt.
This happened a few times, then it started ooozing a clear liquid.
He went to the doctors and was given the usual anti-biotics.
As the week went on the ear began to bleed.
I mean every night he'd wake up to blood stained pillows.
Three lots of strong antibiotics later the blood was still pooring.
Last Monday night i sent him to A&E because i was just freaking out.
They sent him home as there was no ENT (EAR,NOSE,THROAT) specialist there!!!!

I made him another appointment at the doctors and while he was there this doctor obviously saw something he didn't like the look of, he immediately called the hospital and made him an appointment for then and there.
So off we went to the hospital.
They had to vaccume a lot of infection and blood away frm the drum.
The specialist noticed that he may have a pocket of abnormal cells near his drum.
Aparently this can be caused by severe infections but these cells can spread into the bone and even the brain!
At this we both panicked as you would but because the specialist's boss wasn't there we had to make another appointment for this morning,
He was given a mega strong antibiotic that looks like horse pills, we wondered if they went up ya ass they are that big and some ear drops.

Spencer had to have some suctioning again, then the head ENT specialist came to see him.
He had a good look and decided to burn a section of his drum to basically see behind and around the drum.
He also took 3 biopsies to send away.
He said it's more than likely spence has these growths now that they were worried about.
The biopsies will be in this time next week and we have to go again to see them.
Obviously we are worried.
It means Spencer will have to have a CT scan to see if it's spread then an operation to remove the crap then
reconstruct his ear drum and ear canals.

My hubby is a big strong fella but his ears are his soft spot.
In fact he is so phobic of anything touching his ears for years he hasn't gotten a drop of water in them.
So he is being mega brave, i'm so proud of him!

So any prayers will be very much appreciated.
We will beat whatever comes our way!
We are a very strong couple and we have a fantastic family around us!
So that's about it for now until next Monday we won't know anything else.
When we do i'll let you know.

Thanks again for all the well wishes, they mean a lot.
I thought it easier to write on here then i don't have to write it everywhere lol.
Right i'm off to get's my bro-in-laws birthday today!!
Take our minds off things.

When all else and friends will pull you through!
Hug Laura

postheadericon New Tutorial From Marie.

I have a new member on my CT!
I'd like to welcome Marie and her awesome tutorials can be found at

Marie made me this fantastic tag andtutorial using my new Irish Delights kit.
This kit can be found at any of my stores.
Thank you so much hunny for this awesome piece of work!
Hugs Laura
Saturday, 26 February 2011

postheadericon Heartbeatz Creationz Carnival Collab Active!!!!

Take a look at this amazing collab!

How beautiful!
And it could be yours freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Yep FREE with just $5 purchase!!
But be quick cause you don't want to miss this bargain!
Nip on over to HEARTBEATZ CREATIONZ now!

Watch out for some taggies coming from this awesome collaboration!
Hugs Laura
Thursday, 24 February 2011

postheadericon New Layout Woot!

I brought this fantastic tube from the awesome
last night and loved it so much i knew i had to have a blog made using it!
So this morning after much fluffing around i made this and i am really pleased.
Know it's not as good as some out there but i'm loving the colours and theme!
Will be offering custom made blog layouts soon to others but need to sort a few things out first so
will keep you informed!
Hope everyone is well!
Hugs for now
Tuesday, 22 February 2011

postheadericon Poison On My Mind (Adult Content)


Ever had Poison on your mind.???
I have beware!! PMSL.
Here is a very poisonous kit with poison enough for

It's a beautiful mix of blues, black and gun metal

This kit is huge and comes with 15 Papers and 90 elements!
These elements include
poison signs
poisoned hearts
pill boxes
bottles of medicine
skull pillow
medical vials
spiky cuff
black flowers
and so much more!
Enjoy using this adult themed kit.
Hugs Laura
In stores now!

postheadericon New Tutorial From Shal! -x-

Shal used my new kit
Irish Delights to make this stunningly cute tutorial!
Thank you so much Shal!
You can find this kit at any of my stores and the awesome tutorial HERE
Big hugs to you hun!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

postheadericon Irish Delights TS

For all you Irish lovers out there!
Make yourselves some beautiful tags and layouts and capture those special moments in true Irish style!
This kit is Tagger Size and for Personal Use only x

In this kit you will receive!

12 Papers 800 x 800.
Each one idividual and full of the Irish charm!
56 Elements which include....
2 Bodice's
2 4 Leaf CLovers
2 Roses
I shoe
1 Pot of Gold
1 Rainbow
Various Hearts in all styles
2 Stars
2 Unique Cluster Frames made by me.
2 Frames
2 Flags
Kiss Me I'm Irish badge
1 Ireland 4 Eva Badge
Double Heart Charm
Heart sequin
1 Felt Clover
1 Glowing Heart
1 Horseshoe
Various glitters
and more besides.

Have fun scrapping!
Available from all stores now!
Friday, 18 February 2011

postheadericon Irish Delight Commercial Use Pack

Irish Delight Commercial Use Pack.
This pack has been made especially for Saint Patrick's Day!
For all you Ireland lovers out there that want to make yourselves a lovely keepsake included in this pack are...

Seven make some beautiful Irish themed Papers.
Twelve elements all tagger sized.

You will get...
I Lucky Horseshoe
1 Tie
1 Flag
1 Four Leaf Clover
1 Irish Heart and saying
1 Pot of Gold
1 Start Kiss me Quick
1 Kiss me I'm Irish Sign
1 Saint Patrick's Day Sign
1 Irish Flag/Four Leaf Clover Flag
1 Boot
1 Bracelet

All are comercial use, no credit required.
Enjoy and A Very Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!

Available in all stores right now!
Thursday, 17 February 2011

postheadericon New Tutorial "Good Boys Love A Bad Girl"

Loved Making this tag so i thought i'd tutorial it for all those that fancy making a tag full of attitude!
You can find it

Have fun!
Tuesday, 15 February 2011

postheadericon TASTY TUESDAY TREATS!

Great offers on all day!
Drop by and grab some fantastic offers!
Monday, 14 February 2011

postheadericon Happy Valentine's Freebie -x-

Happy Valentine's Day from Laura's Designz!
Here are four CU Love themed frames.
Grab them now HERE

postheadericon Valentine's Sales Now On!

Happy Valentine's Everyone.
I thought i'd pop in and let you know about all the amazing sales going on right now!
So here goes!!! Keep up!!!


Lots of amazing sales @ SCRAPS WITH ATTITUDE!

And don't forget....

Manic Monday 99c Sale @ HEARTBEATZ CREATIONZ!

So lots to be getting on with hey!
All my products are included in these sales so get shopping now!
Have a great day everyone!

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