Sunday, 28 September 2008


What a busyyyy weekend oh my god! I haven't stopped! I have had some family down and we spent some time with them, went out to their holiday camp last night and got myself right in the mood for our holiday tomorrow! Me and my cousin Bev have such a laugh, i have been in hysterics all weekend my sides really hurt LOL! But this afternoon i had to get packed and god it took ages, i think i have mostly everything done just the odds and sods to do now but i'll leave them til the morning. So we're off to Butlins in Skegness tomorrow and boy i'm excited i'm worse than the kidssss!!!! Full board so no cooking and no washing up woot! So i won't be back with you all now til Friday night or Saturday morning. I hope you all have a great week whatever your doing take care. I'll be back with loadsa pics and countless holiday tales, oh no i hear you cryy!!! pmsl. I do have a template to put on so i will try my best to get it on b4 the morning. NIGHTY NIGHT! Hugs Laura xxxx
Saturday, 27 September 2008

postheadericon Saucy Saturday- Saying HI!!!

Hello peeps!! Had an awesome nights sleep last night. Kids let me sleep the whole night through so THANKS KIDS!!! Feel great today, so i sat here wondering what to make and i love frames so came up with this CU-Princess castle Frame. Its very cute and you can use this in any girly kit, or challenge or really anything you like.
If you use this as a commercial use item in your kits please give me credit and please link back to my blog. And i'd love to see any results using this.
So have fun and take care. Hugs Laura xoxox

Download HERE

Friday, 26 September 2008

postheadericon Posting at 3.20am! Grrrr!

Connor (bless him) decided at 12 that he didn't wanna sleep tonight so spence and i was up and down about 50 times trying everything we could to get the lil sausage to sleep. So i thought why not put him in bed with me, he might just settle then..........hell no!!! That made it worse.....he started jumping all over me and eventually i'd had enough and brought him down. He's just sat and ate two yogurts and had a bottle of milk and so here i am bleating on here cause i'm bored and dog tired wahhhh!!!!! WHYYYY CONNORRRR! pmsl.
This is part of being a mom that i still after nearly 6 years hate LOL its a nightmare when they just won't sleep. I only hope he dozes off soon and i get a couple of hours b4 i have to get Kaci up at 7 for school. Anyways i'm gonna getgone and come back at a more decent hour haha. SWEET DREAMS WORLDDDD!!! Hugs Laura xxxx
Thursday, 25 September 2008

postheadericon NEW CU Picket Fence Frame!

Helloooooo! I got busy this afternoon and tried to follow a tutorial on how to make a picket fence frame, only i'm not to great at following tuts to be honest so i kinda ditched that and went my own way! Though its no-where near as good as the tutorial one was i really am proud of this, it has three small frames you can use for anything you like. I hope you like it. Please follow my TOU using this and definately don't share the links please just tell people to come here and pick one up for themselves LOL!!! Have funnnnn!!!!! Hugs Laura xoxox
Download frame from HERE

postheadericon It's Thursdayyyy! Hello!!!

Hey it's another lovely morning woot, and just before i go off to playgroup i thought i'd make a template for you, i like this one, hope you do too...I must also say a great big well done and congratulations to Ali her sales are going through the roof at the minute her work is awesome she gets better and better at every kit she makes....well done babe you deserve it!!!
Have a great day guys take care....Hugs Laura xxxxx

Download template HERE
Wednesday, 24 September 2008

postheadericon I made a wallpaper!

I must admit i made this a while ago but didn't know if i liked it but thought i'd whack it on anyways...someone might give it a good home LOL! The preview comes with piccies of my two munchkins but obviouly the one you get doesn't haha so you can put whatever you like in the spaces. I hope someone likes it anyways Have fun. Hugs Laura xox

Download from HERE
P.S Its made using Ali's Autumn's Fall Kit. You can download from HERE

postheadericon Template22!

Number 22 woot!

Download HERE

Leave some love if you download cheers!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Wicked Wednesday--Hellooooo!

Hey, thanks to everyone for all the lovely well wishes yesterday, it wasn't too bad having an MRI Scan done but i wouldn't really want another, the noise was horrendous! I read up about them and everywhere said it'd be noisy but i had ear phones on with load music and i didn't hear a word cause the machine was banging away pmsl. I was in the tunnel of noise for about 45 minutes which wasn't too bad, i had 4 scans in total and i should find out in two weeks whats going on. So i'll keep you informed.
Other poor little connor had a nasty asthma attack yesterday evening, the doctor has given him anti-biotics and steriods but he is fine in himself now just coughs now and again, But he has anti-biotic ass now grr the dreaded runssssss poor lad, well he doesn't mind so its not to bad. Hope you are all well, have a great day! A template for you coming up! Hugs Laura xoxox
Tuesday, 23 September 2008

postheadericon Two New Templates!!

I'm on a roll this morning!! Two new templates before i go off to hospital!
Here's the first...enjoy!

Download HERE

Number 21--Enjoy!

Download HERE

Have a great day everyone...Hugs Laura xxx

postheadericon Good Morning!! New FRAMES!

Hey everyone, well i have made some frames for you! This is a pack of four coloured frames that i am really pleased with, i made them all by myself and that is astonishing believe me cause i'm hopeless unless i'm being shown haha. I really hope you like them and i'd love to see any work you do using them, please feel free to drop me a line and i'll show your work on here.
Remember first timer on the frame front lol so go easy on me!

Download from HERE And here is the preview.

Hugs Laura xoxox

Monday, 22 September 2008

postheadericon Another Quick Template for You!

Incase i don't get chance Tomorrow to get a template done for you i thought i'd make one now.
Enjoy!!! Hugs Laura xox

Download HERE

postheadericon Template18 for you!!

Hope you enjoy!

Download HERE

Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Today's News!!!

Awesome awards recieved and such lovely comments i'm feeling really loved on here haha! But my mind is feeling really mixed up at the moment and i'm having a hard time in my personal life...i haven't written about this before because i try not to think about it but tomorrow i'm off to have an MRI scan on a lump i have and its really getting me down..i've had this lump for nearly three years and this last year it has grown and it became apparent that it needed sorting. The pain has become really awful i'm on tablets that have stopped my other parts of my woman hood from happening and to be honest shake me and i'd rattle haha!! My consultant is worried that the lump is connected to my main nerve in my leg, apparently this can happen often that lumps can grow out of the skin of the nerve but this is my main nerve and its really now sinking in that i could be in for a rough ride....Now i know i need to think positive and cheer up i've slapped myself many a time for getting so worried when nothing is set in concrete yet but i've been having horrid dreams about losing the kids and its torn me down and i feel i can't speak to anyone cause they'll just think i'm silly. So my tempere has been showing and i hate that..will let you all know how i get on...
HOLIDAY WEEK TODAY!!! Least i can take my mind off my troubles when i have so much to get sorted. Kids are super excited and to tell the truth i'm the worst haha i can't wait!!!! Hope you are all well. Take care and have a great day!! Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Woot Good Morning!!!

Hey everyone well i know i never signed in at all yesterday had a day off! Hehe! So i was so surprised to have recieved two awards!!!!! YAY! The first one is a newly designed one too from Ali at Dezigns by Ali
These are the rules of this award....
If You Receive This Award You Must Pass It On To 3 Other Blogs.If You Have Received This Award Already You Don't Need To Pass It On.You Must Post On The Chosen Winners Blogs To Let Them Know About The Award.
So i chose..
Kimmy from Kimmy'sKloset
Well done to all of you, your blogs rock!!!!!!!
I also recieved the I love your blog! Award from Aqua thanks so very much hunni....this has been round the block now so many times haha but its so nice when you recieve it again, well i love it anyways...
Blog awards done!!! YAY! Thanks so much to everyone!!!
Hugs Laura xoxox
Saturday, 20 September 2008

postheadericon New Girly Quotes Wordart For You!!

Made these this morning and i love em!!!! WOOT! Any girly girls out there will love these haha!
All wordart and images are on separate layers and are in grey so you can change them to whatever colours you like using the normal template procedure! Hope you have a blast with them and i'd love to see any of your results!

Download HERE

Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Morning from a SUNNY UK! Woot!

Morning everyone! Busy busy day today, Mia's party and out most of the day with step-kids, got Dione and Scott staying over tonight too so no rest for me so thought i'd get cracking with a template for you, hope you enjoy it its for all you music lovers out there.
Download HERE

Have a great day! Til later on
Hugs Laura xoxox

Friday, 19 September 2008

postheadericon Hey Everyone!

My niece Mia! 7 TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Hey Guys! Not been around this morning been at my sisters baking cakes!!!! Its my niece's birthday today she is Seven!!! Can't believe how big she has grown she is a proper little lady! I love her so very much and i want her to know she means the world to me! Going for a small family get together at 6 ish, and her proper party is tomorrow with all the school friends! Can't wait for that as i love all that party stuff woot! Anyways hope you guys are all ok i'll try get a couple of templates made up soon xx Hugs Lauraxx
Thursday, 18 September 2008

postheadericon Good Morning!!!!!

Lovely nights sleep woot! Woke up once with littlen screaming but he soon went off. Got up at 7 but Kaci has to be up anyway for school so i don't mind to much! Made a template for you all. Its a lovely flowery one and it could certainly do with some lushous colours haha!!!
Off to play group this morning, so won't be around till this afternoon. Have a great day.

Download HERE

Hugs Laura xoxox

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

postheadericon Good Morning--2 new templates for you!!

Hey everyone-good morning to you all! Worked on two new templates last night and here they are for you i hope you like them.

Heres number one. Download HERE

Number Two HERE

Enjoy Hugs Laura xoxox

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

postheadericon Good Morning!

Well good morning again! Don't the days just fly by now?! The weeks just seem to come and go so quickly, but i don't mind cause i'm off on holiday on the 29th September, thats also mine and hubbies first year wedding anniversary, he booked it up especially and we're full board so we can eat and drink as much as we like! Yay! We are going to Butlins in Skegness and i really can't wait to spend some quality time with my family.
Black skies here in Great Yarmouth today perfect PSP weather cause really who wants to venture out in this sort of weather pmsl....just made this new template for you, i hope you like it..Take care and have a great day....Hugs Laura xoxox

Download HERE.

OOOOO P.S Don't cha just love my new layout, header and blinkie!!! Made by Ali, all credits at the bottom of page so you can go check out her site. She's in the process of teaching me...doubt i'll be catching on to quick either so much to remember pmsl......good job i have a great friend to help me.( thanks hunni mwahh ).
Monday, 15 September 2008

postheadericon Hey--New Template Too--Enjoy!

I love this it's so cute! Hope you can do something with it...Enjoy!

Download HERE.

Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Aww Such A lovely Day!!

Well what a day, we haven't stopped ! Since 930 this morning Ali, i and the boys have been swimming, to a place called Amazonia and then out to lunch, up town the list goes on and on pmsl... Firstly swimming was a blast...Connor was quite timmid at first, kept standing up and not going into the water but after about ten minutes he started splashing and pushing me over in the water, he loves to jump off the side walls as well so we had a great time...Leyton is such a water really need to keep an eye on him cause he'd be off....i call him my lil duckling when we're swimming and he always says quack! lol.
After swimming we decided for a change to go just down the road to a place called Amazonia. Its a small kinda rainforest place where they have loadsa animals, there was a massive croc and connor kept saying AWWW to everything...some pics below!
We had luch at KFC then walked into town did some bargain shopping then i looked at my watch and it was 3 o'clock and i have to pick Kaci up from school at 3.15! So dashed to school and now home to messy house which needs desparate tidying....hope you have all had an awesome day too...i know i have..Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Good Morning from the WHite House!

Yay the sun is out! Whats going on? Off out swimming this morning with the boys and Ali next door, the boys absolutely love it....then out to lunch and i gotta buy some pressies for my niece who's 7 this Friday! Can't believe it she only seemed a baby like they grow up so quick now a days is amazing!!! Gonna be sorting some weekly competions in Ali's Tut Group so for all you people out there that like a challenge keep ya eyes peeled! Hope you are all well...have a fab day whatever your doing...Hubby is treating me to a meal this evening, might ask Ali and her hubby to join us...mmmmm...sounds like a plan! Woot! Until later on then bye for now! Hugs LaUra xoxox
Sunday, 14 September 2008

postheadericon Good Evening!!

Wow what a busy weekend!! We had all the kids from Friday and they went home this morning and when all four of em are running around screaming and playing its a nightmare pmsl!Computer time seems non existent! But i managed to get this template done this morning...hope you like it...Until the morning...take care..Hugs LaUrA xoxox

Download HERE
Saturday, 13 September 2008

postheadericon NEW TUTORIAL-Oh so Pretty!

Told ya i loved this tag hehe! I've made it my fifth tutorial....a big thanks to Ali and Kittz for use of their supplies...Mwahhhh! Enjoy! Huggles LaUrA. xxxx
Find my tutorial

Friday, 12 September 2008

postheadericon Template9-by-Loz!

Please enjoy!!!!

Download HERE

Hugs Laura xox

postheadericon Fancied A Change-( again! ) pmsl!

Hey everyone, had a very very lazy day! Ears are very sore today so haven't been up to much just can't concentrate pmsl! Made a few tags and the new header above is one of them that i adore, the kit is from Kittz at KittzKreationz Its called Oh So Pretty and OMG it is!!!! I love it and i'm definately gonna Tut this tag! The tag is also made using Template57 from Ali's Dezigns by Ali Blog Go check out their blogs these girlz rock!!! So hope you are all well...take care Hugs Laura xox
Thursday, 11 September 2008

postheadericon Morning!!

OMG what an awful night's sleep wahhh!! Didn't go off til late and when i did all i did was have horrible dreams, then Kaci decided to start screaming at stupid o'clock and that woke Connor and all over pins and bleeding needles in her hand grr! Then everything decided to start hurting my head, my a few painkillers later i finally went back to sleep but to be woken by the most hated thing in the world MY ALARM CLOCK! So feel like i need stay awake pills pmsl.
I've come to abit now though after reading a fab new blog...dedicated to my bessie Ali omg how funny i couldn't stop laughing, Ali you are so lucky hunni to have such dedicated followers that actually copy every word you say..thats awesome! Or sad depending on how you look at it pmsl.
Anyways off to Connor's playgroup today this is one i don't help at so i reckon i'll be able to chill haha! Woot! Another template for you...Enjoy!

Download HERE
Hugs Laura xoxox
Wednesday, 10 September 2008

postheadericon New Tutorial-Beware of the Ghosts!

Yay all ready to go is my NEW tutorial Beware of the Ghosts! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget i'd love to see your creations!! Hugs Laura xoxox
TUTORIAL HERE Have fun!!!! xxxx

postheadericon Good Morning!!!

Morning everyone..hope you all slept well, my god i had some weird dreams this morning before i got up, they were horrid and made me feel awful for about an hour after i had got up. I know its silly but they really played on my mind so i got on here quick to take my mind off them pmsl.
Dunno what i'm up to today, hopefully going out at some point spend some more birthday money! Drag Ali out with me....YAY!
Heres another halloween template for you, everyone is sooo into these at the moment so here's another woot! Show some love if you do download i do love reading your comments.

Download HERE.

Have a great day! Hugs Laura xoxox
P,s another tut finished and will be on soon haha!! YAY!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

postheadericon Halloween Template 5 !!!

Template 5 for you i hope you enjoy!!! Download from HERE.
Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon New Halloween Tutorial!!

This tutorial is called TRICK OR TREAT and you can find it HERE.
I hope you enjoy doing this and f you do maybe send me your finished work and i'll display it on here. Hope everyone's day has been good. I've been very busy again, first at playgroup with Connor and then at home doing loadsa sorting... Very tired this evening...but i'm gonna try and get a couple of templates done woot!!! See you all later Hugs Laura xoxox
Monday, 8 September 2008

postheadericon Yay i have been given this award again!! Woot!

Yay i came on tonight to check out my blog and i've won this gorgeous award again...Sue from Sue-31Didit gave me this award and im so thankful to you hunni, such a lovely thing to do!!!! Don't know who i'm gonna give this too but i'm sure i'll find some very talented people out there. Hope you have all had a great day....until the morning goodnight!!!! xxxx Laura xxxx

postheadericon Manic Monday..Good Morning....!

Well a very good morning to you all, i hope you all had a fantastic weekend! My first news is that my hubby's two children who we haven't seen for about five months now came to stay with us on Saturday and went home last last YAY! There have been problems with his ex now well since i first met him seven years a go, its such an awful situation for everyone especially the children. But things were kinda resolved on Saturday and well as you'd expect we were over the moo!! We went everywhere with them trying to make up for lost time, and we are having them again Wednesday woot!
Tried making this small word art template for you all i hope you can do something with it...DDownload from HERE.
Have a great to you all Laura xoxox

Saturday, 6 September 2008

postheadericon It's The Weekend...Woot!!!

Well a very good morning...hope everyone is well...i'll begin by saying what a fab birthday i had yesterday, from the minute i got up to the moment i went to bed i was spoilt rotten! What a lucky girl i was too with all the wonderful presents i recieved! Spencer brought my a 640G external hard-drive for my laptop so i can do all the scrap hording i like yay!!!! Kids gave me money for whatever i wana buy, and 2 bunches of flowers, chocolates etc...Ali brought me some real crystals on a key pendant and jewelery box. They begin with S but i can't prenounce the name let alone spell it pmsl! Mum and the rest of my family brought me loadsa different bits which were all really smashing......i really am so very lucky to have some wicked friends and family and i thank you all so much..Mwahhhh! Had one small hiccup in the morning though i won't go on bout it cause it means absolutely nothing to me anymore...i just wish some people would learn not to be so jealous and grow is for living and having fun...TRY IT SOMETIME!!! So a fantastic day with my best friend Ali and family love all you guys so very much xxxxx
Another Halloween Template for you all this will be the last for a while cause i wanna start doing some more word art, that went down very well with you all haha! Hope you enjoy this template xx

Download HERE
Hugs Laura xoxox

Friday, 5 September 2008

postheadericon It's My Birthday!!! YAY!!!

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker
Create your own glittery text at

YAY 26 today!!! Woot I'm off to my son's playgroup this morning....first time back and i'm taking a few treats for all the children to help me celebrate.....photographer from our local paper is going to be there cause we got a lottery grant but really i think they want a pic of the special birthday girl pmsl! Then its off to my mum's and we're all out for lunch....i don'tt know what spencer has planned so i'll let you know when i hope you guys have an excellent day..All my Love Laura xoxox
Thursday, 4 September 2008

postheadericon Halloween Template 3...AND what a lovely morning!!

Well i've had a lovely morning...Ali, the boys and i went to town first thing this morning...we had breakfast and traweled the shops for bargains!!! YAY! It's my 26th Birthday tomorrow so i was getting in the spirit and shopping, got quite a bit actually!!! Now i'm home but just before i popped up town i made another Halloween template for you. So if you love it download from HERE and don't forget to leave me some spooky love haha! Until later Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Morning Thursday Bloggers! New Template 4 you!

Good Morning!
My i'm on early this morning but with school and Connor's Groups all starting back up i've gotta be up nice and early to fit everything in! And it's really hard getting back into any kind of routine pmsl! 7o'clock wake up calls every morning Wahhhhh!!!

Anyways this is a quicky template i threw together this morning for you all.....Download from HERE. Have a great day everyone i should be on this afternoon or this evening at some point.
Take Care.....Hugs Laura xoxoxox
Wednesday, 3 September 2008

postheadericon Wicked Wednesday--Saying Hi!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope you are having a wicked wednesday!!! I know i'm having a lazy one haha!!!
A few changes as you can see pmsl! Ali made me this awesome tag for my header don't cha just loveeeee it! And the silly sausage only went and closed the blank without saving so its the only one woot!! Sorry!!! haha!! She then said what are your log in details.....cheeky mare and i gave em to her and she said nooooo peeking, mmmmm......very scary haha! But when she got back in touch and said all done i came and looked and saw this fabbby layout!!!! WOOOT WOOOOT! i'm over the moon with it so Thankyou soooo very much have outdone yourself again!! YAY!!
Another tutorial is on the way too so keep your eyes open! Its called SWEET AUTUMN. Will try and get another template up soon!!! And where is everyone on my shout box gone!!!!!!! You all dissapeared......speak to me i won't bite pmsl!!!!!
Have a great day and we'll speak again soon. Take Care Hugs Laura xoxox
Tuesday, 2 September 2008

postheadericon Good Afternoon! Two new Templates for you!

Well i've been soooo bored today waiting for Kaci to finish school only an hour and a half to go!! So to help take my mind off her and make the time go a lil quicker i have made a couple of templates for you all. I hope you enjoy them, i def enjoyed creating them. The first is a template for any use, please if you download leave some love i really do appreciate all your comments... download link HERE.

The next template is another Halloween Temp yay!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!
Download from HERE

Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Gooooood Morningggg!

Loadsa News!!!!
Firstly I have a new Tutorial up, it's called 100% In Love and i'm dead proud of it!! YAY!!
This was made using Ali's First Love Kit and Hearts and Rectangles Frame. I really hope you like this one. Please feel free to email me your results i would love to display them here! Msn is being a right pain in the butt and it won't let me link you straight to the TUT but i have linked you to my main tutorial page and you can hopefully get to it from HERE This is the preview..

My next news is that it's my daughter Kaci's 1st day back at school today!! Woot!!
She has been a complete star this morning, she got up as soon as i told her, dressed and had breakfast, i did her hair, washed her face and i think we were ready to go at about 8o'clock! pmsl! We walked to school in the pouring down rain, grr and when we got to the main doors the head teacher was there to welcome us and she said to Kaci " Do you know where your new class is Kaci?" Kaci replied "YES" and Mrs Risby said well off you go hunni tell mummy goodbye! and with that she was off...............i was like ok, wheres my cuddle wheres the tears........nothing she was brave and i'm sooo very proud of her! Here's a pic of her on her first day back...........Awww.

So think thats about it for now....Hope you are all well, I'm gonna be sorting the house today as the weather is pants and keep myself busy til 3.15 when school kicks out hehe!!!
Until next time take care! Hugs Laura xoxox
Monday, 1 September 2008

postheadericon First Halloween Template!! Wooooooooo!!

Here's my first attempt at a halloween template for you all to enjoy, i really hope you like it and if you do let me know. Here's the 4shared link HERE ENJOY!!!
Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Well I Made It Off The Wheel pmsl!!

YAY i did it i went on Great Yarmouth's Big Wheel! Although i was absolutely terrified i am so glad i went on this time. Ali's hubby Lee and Kaci came on with me, bless her she's 5 and didn't hardly bat an eyelid an theres me every two mins saying please sit still, don't move hahaha!!
Lee was like ooooo i wish it'd stop so we could take a proper look and i was like please god NOOO! but it fluffing well did and we were right at the very top!! HEELLLLP!! i just kept thinking please get going please don't look down hehe! God i'd be a mess on the London Eye that takes an hour to go around and is about 3 times as big pmsl! So anyway i was so happy i went on and we then took the kids to the amusements where they all enjoyed the two pence machines. Little gamblers already woot!
Out today hopefully Ali reckons my buggy has sold so MORE PENNIES! hehe! Gonna try and get another tutorial written today and i also wanna do some Misfit group stuff that i haven't done in a while. So have a great day everyone and thanks to all that read my blog and grab my goodies!!! Take care!!! Hugs Laura xoxox
Kaci inside the eye!! SMILING!!!!
The wheel ( or half of it hehe ) xx

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