Monday, 1 September 2008

postheadericon Well I Made It Off The Wheel pmsl!!

YAY i did it i went on Great Yarmouth's Big Wheel! Although i was absolutely terrified i am so glad i went on this time. Ali's hubby Lee and Kaci came on with me, bless her she's 5 and didn't hardly bat an eyelid an theres me every two mins saying please sit still, don't move hahaha!!
Lee was like ooooo i wish it'd stop so we could take a proper look and i was like please god NOOO! but it fluffing well did and we were right at the very top!! HEELLLLP!! i just kept thinking please get going please don't look down hehe! God i'd be a mess on the London Eye that takes an hour to go around and is about 3 times as big pmsl! So anyway i was so happy i went on and we then took the kids to the amusements where they all enjoyed the two pence machines. Little gamblers already woot!
Out today hopefully Ali reckons my buggy has sold so MORE PENNIES! hehe! Gonna try and get another tutorial written today and i also wanna do some Misfit group stuff that i haven't done in a while. So have a great day everyone and thanks to all that read my blog and grab my goodies!!! Take care!!! Hugs Laura xoxox
Kaci inside the eye!! SMILING!!!!
The wheel ( or half of it hehe ) xx


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