Friday, 2 September 2011

postheadericon Staying As I Am! Lol :O)

Ok...Pmsl....You Ready?!

I was going to change my name etc...change me....but you what...Not Any More!
I have decided there is nothing wrong with my name hehe!
After getting so many emails regarding my change and friends asking why was i changing in the first place i thought you know what why change!!
I've been Laura's Designz now for a few years, thats's how people know me.

I guess i wanted to change because i felt i needed a new start.
But i have my new start, i don't need to change anything! Lol.

So what have i been up to lately....well.....

God i've been busy,
The summer holidays have been awesome.
We've been to Legoland with our best friends Jodie, Kevin and their beautiful boys Daniel & Reece.
Had an amazing time, weather was beautiful!
We've also just got back from another short break together at Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes.
We travel everywhere together and plan on going back at Christmas Time as they have the most amazing christmas celebrations.
We've all been swimming and for day trips out...i have lots of photo's to sort through,
When i do i will add some.

I also am now on our local town commity.
We've had two brilliant family nights that we raised over £700 for Help For Heroes.
We have another coming up on 10th September so we hope to raise a bit more before we send the final amount off!
We've partied til dawn and loved every minute.
My PSP has helped make all the posters and invites and tickets so that was good!

A few of us mum's from our local school and town got together last week to go and see Abba the Tribute.
Myself, Jodie, Jade, Sharon, Tammy, Sarah, Michelle, & Sam all had a fantastic time bopping away to Abba and screaming out all the words, although poor Michelle's leg gave way and she ended up going to hospital! Thank goodness she's on the mend!
I wore the highest heels ever and my feet were in pieces for days lol!
Jade and I walked home bare footed and her feet were bleeding terrible!
But we both said the next day it was well worth it as it was such a great night. Lol
We're all going out again once kids are back at school!

So it's been a very busy 6 weeks!
My littlens go back to school Wednesday, Connor will be starting all day!!!!
I'm so nervous, i won't know what to do with myself..but i know he'll be fine and his big sister Kaci will take good care of him, plus his best friends are there with him in his class.
It's my birthday Monday coming and we'll all be celebrating together, i can't wait!
Jeez doesn't time fly when your having fun!

So i am making a new blog layout, that should be up soon and i have some kits in the making.
Although i haven't really been as much on here as i used to be i still enjoy this part of my life and won't neglect my friends.
I am a mod in the best ever forum TAGGER'S DEN.
I help out with weekly challenges and have the best online friends ever in there!
Come over and see us!

So that's about it for now.
Will be back soon with pictures and lots more!
Hugs and Love

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