Friday, 31 October 2008

postheadericon HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! I hope you have a very spooky halloween, i'll be back tomorrow with some pictures i hope haha! Now off to sort out food for my party!!! Happy halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!!! Hugs Laura xoxox

Thursday, 30 October 2008

postheadericon 1 Day To Halloween!!!!

Woot!!! I love Halloween!!!! I love dressing up and acting like a complete child for a few hours haha! Today i have been doing the decorating for our big halloween party tomorrow night, as tomorrow i'm gonna be so busy cooking and getting us all dressed!
So i'm one busy woman at the moment.....still i made my final halloween template for Halloween 08! So grab it quick and make a pressie for someone you wanna wish a Happy Hallowen too!!!
Will be posting some pics tomorrow so keep your eyes open and have a spectacular Halloween!!!
Hugs Laura xoxox

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

postheadericon Template 34 ( just a quickie!!!

Download 34 HERE---Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon I've Won An Award!!! YAY!!!

Wow look at this award. This has been passed on to me by Kittz of KittzKreationz. Thankyou so much hun!!!!
The rules of this award are to say 7 things I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people.
Well I love.........
1, My Family (of course )
2, My best mate Ali and Leyton.
3, All my friends.(online and off)
5, Singing
6, Eating out.
7, Going to new places.
Here are the 7 people I am passing this award on to:
Love all your work girls!!!
Hugs Laura

postheadericon Two Templates for you!!

Again a huge sorry for the last four templates that had to be taken down. Here are a couple to make up for it, i hope they are ok for you hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon Morning!!

Hey everyone, first news!! Well yesterday morning i had to have my elbow checked and they told me i'd need an operation wahhh and that afternoon double wahhh!!! My first thoughts was omg who's gonna look after Ali as poor Lee is in hospital having an operation then my next thoughts were omg i'm having an op!!!! So called Spencer to tell him to bring some things up and waited, and waited, and waited some more til at 4.45 the doctor came to see me and confirmed what i already had guessed that my operation had been cancelled because they'd run outta theater time!!! WHAT!! How does a hospital run out of time!! Whatever so here i am sitting at home feeling very annoyed to say the least now waiting for another appointment grr!!!
Second bit of news...i'm a duh! Cause i used some elements from paid kits which is a big no no (whoops) i have had to remove 4 templates....i'm so sorry to any of the element makers i won't be doing that again ( slapping my face ) Lol! So i will try get a few made today to make it up. So as it goes i'm a little peed off today lmao....good news now though Lee is doing much better after having a mega operation yesterday bless him. Sending him loadsa get well soon wishes...Hugs Laura xoxox
Saturday, 25 October 2008


lmao! I have fractured my elbow!!! My right arm has been so sore for a couple of weeks now and this morning i had had enough! So i went to the hospital and i really thought 'd just trapped a nerve or something but the doctor actually took me over to see the xray and part of my elbow has actually broken off LOL! So i've been referred to the fracture clinic Monday morning to see what they are gonna do about it. The stupid thing is i don't even know how i did it!! I can't remember ever hurting it! So i will keep you all informed of what happens! Til then i don't know if i'll get anything made of not as its hard to even type. Hope you all have a great weekend, and take good care. Hugs Laura xox
Thursday, 23 October 2008

postheadericon Morningggg!

Hey guys, just a quick post before we go off to playgroup. Been a busy girl the last few days, getting back in touch with old friends and meeting up again. Nice to remanice about the olden days haha! I've also been asked to go into my daughters school and do a few hours a week so i'm thrilled at the moment, and verybusy as usual! Here's another template for you, hope you enjoy creating with it, have a great day! Hugs Laura xoxox
Tuesday, 21 October 2008

postheadericon Template30 Yay!!

Hey Everyone! Well template 30 is here. Can't believe its been just over 2 months since i started with this blog, and i gotta say i love it! So here is the download link for this template and you will find TEMPLATES-20-TO-30 Download link on the right if you want to download as a group.
Enjoy Hugs Laura xox

Still working on Laura's Designz my new Tutorial site, its taking a while as i'm very new to this site plus my tutorials there must have URL's Added so yet another thing to get used to doing. But i will keep you informed. Hugs Laura xoxox
Monday, 20 October 2008

postheadericon I'm Back LMAO!

Sorry its been a few days, we've had the step kids for the whole weekend and that makes for a very busy, loud and mad house LOL! Loads to tell you, i guess the biggest news is....that everyone now knows that MSN are shutting down all the groups as of February next year so Ali and i are thinking of where to house our Tutorials, so i've decided to make my own little site up and i'm in the middle of sorting it all out and as soon as its done i will let you all know the addy and you can go have a look see and tell me what you think.
I don't know if its the changing season but everyone seems ill these last couple of weeks and its horrible, Ali and i haven't been out for a week and a half and it sucks big time, GET WELL SOON HUN!, my kids are now over the worst thank goodness, we had a nice weekend indoors watching telly in the warm.

Anyways here's a template for you, quite a simple one so i hope you can do something with it.
Take care lil next time Hugs Laura xoxox

Friday, 17 October 2008

postheadericon MORNING!- Template28.

Morning to you all! Well sorry i was not on here yesterday but the bug Kaci had Connor went down with late Wednesday evening and it hit him harder than it did Kaci poor thing. But he slept straight through last night and even layed in til 8.20 this morning, and he's fantastic in himself, he's still coughing but who isn't at the moment lol! So hopefully he'll be ok today cause yesterday was tough! Anyways made a new template for you this morning, i hope someone can do something with it! Please leave some love if you download. Hugs Laura xoxox


Also off to sort out my other templates as there are a fair few now i'm gonna start putting them in folders of ten and zipping them up for you. You will find these on the right hand side of my blog when i am done. So off i go to start on that. Til later Hugs Laura xoxox
Wednesday, 15 October 2008

postheadericon My little girl is not feeling too good...

Aww poor Kaci has been so sad today! It's meant to be her first school trip today and typically she has been feeling unwell. I went in to get her up at 7 and since then she's been ill twice and on and off the toilet bless her. It's such a shame cause she has done nothing but talk about this trip for ages, really made me upset that she had to miss out. Still i couldn't have let her go and on the upside it is pouring with rain so its probably best she didn't!
Been sorting all my files and folders out today so haven't had time to make anything but will get onto that soon. Have a great day everyone and speak soon! Hugs Laura xoxox

Get Well Soon Kaci my sweetie!
Tuesday, 14 October 2008

postheadericon Hey Everyone!

Well we all know its Breast Cancer Awareness month and so many of us are affected by this, my mum had a nasty tumour in her right breast but thank god after several tests she was given the all clear but it certainly got us all worried! So we now all check ourselves on a regular basis, i urge all woman to do this and don't be afraid to do it! The sooner its seen the sooner you can get it sorted!!! So i made this Template today i hope you like it! Take care of yourselves! Hugs Laura xoxox

Monday, 13 October 2008

postheadericon New award!!!!

I was awarded this new award from Aqua of AquaRebel315 Designz. and Stu of CreativeCrazyScraps.
I am so very touched Aqua and Stu, Thank you so very much, it means a lot to me.
Now to pass it onto other scrappers,friends, artists, etc.So, I will pass it onto.....
Ali from Dezigns by Ali
Kimberly from Kimberly.3DScrap N Stuff
Yvette from Essence of Creativity
Congrats girls....but there are so many others i'd love to give this too at some time or another too! xxx Laura xxxx

postheadericon Morning Monday Bloggers!!!

So much to catch up on its been a crazy weekend! We haven't stopped so today i am literally doing nothing but catching up on here and housework lmao! I just wanna send a GET WELL SOON wish out to Ali and her littlen Leyton, they both are feeling awful so GET WELL SOON YOU TWO!!! Love ya both loads!!!xxx

Right first catch up is i received a fabulous message from SHELDON telling me she'd used one of my templates in a Tutorial. It's called The Army Wants You Now. and i can tell you its awesome! It's so cute! Thanks Sheldon so much hunni! If you wanna try this fabbie tutorial you can find it HERE

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Happy Birthday to a truly beautiful little boy! You are so very special and you mean the world to me! Have a fab birthday hunni! See you very soon with your pressies!!!! Hugs Auntie Laura xoxox

Friday, 10 October 2008

postheadericon PHOTO-TEMPLATE!

Good morning! Hey its still sunny here yay! Cold but not horrible woot! I'm off to town very soon to get the final pressies for Leyton's second birthday tomorrow, i'm so excited for him he will be exhausted after seeing everyone all day and the fuss he'll receive! I can't wait!
Made this for you all today its the first photo template i've tried so if you'd like to download i'd sure like to see any results you have. Leave some love if you download! Hope you enjoy!!! Hugs Laura xoxox

Download HERE
Thursday, 9 October 2008


WOW i'm stunned at how these people have used my pack of frames so i thought i'd show a few can still download these if you like just go to FRAMES on right hand side under LABELS. A massive thanks for all these amazing gifts Hugs Laura xoxox
Wednesday, 8 October 2008

postheadericon Template 27 for you! x

Hey everyone hope you are all doing good. I've been so busy lately and i never seem able to catch up lol. But here is a template for you. Hope to get more done soon. Untill then take care.
Hugs Laura xoxox

Download Template 27 HERE
Tuesday, 7 October 2008

postheadericon NEW Tutorial By ME- DREAM IT, DO IT!

Hey everyone, morning! I was asked a while a go to write a tutorial for Danielle of Danielle's Scraps and last night she sent me two awesome kits that you can find by clicking on her link. So here is the first one using her FALLING INTO YOU Kit. I hope you like it Danielle! Fab kit hunni! This tutorial is called "DREAM IT, DO IT" And you can find it HERE

Hugs Laura xoxox

Monday, 6 October 2008

postheadericon WOW! I've won another award! YAY!

I was awarded this from Scarabe at Scarabescrap
Thank you so very much hunni this means such a lot to me....i've never had this award! Hugs!!!

This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around The World Award". Originally this award was written in spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.And now I am supposed to pass this award on to 6 great blogs.My 6 choices are:

ALI from Designz by Ali
AQUA from Aquarebel315
Kimberly from Kimberly 3D Scrap n stuff
Bluedream Designs
STU from creativecrazyscraps
KERRY from Kerryskreations

All you blogging people are wicked an i love ya all!!!! Hugs xxxx

postheadericon Good Morning-Template26!

Hey bloggers! Wow the weather has changed yet again and we have some sun this morning yay! I'm so glad cause i gotta go up town with Ali and our tribe because its her hubbies birthday tomorrow and we're off pressie buying! Have made a template for you so if you would like to have a go the link is HERE.
Have a great day all! Hugs Laura xoxox

Sunday, 5 October 2008

postheadericon Ali's Brown Beauty Preview! I HOPE! LOL

YAY! It worked thank the lord! Well there ya go if you like the look give it a go go on....the link is below.....Hugs Laura xoxox

postheadericon New Tutorial By ME! - Ali's Brown Beauty.

Hey Everyone, what an awful day weather wise here in Great Yarmouth-Norfolk....It's so depressing! Can't go out, so stuck in all day wahhh its horrible!. Well here's the new tutorial i told you about yesterday, it's called Ali's Brown Beauty and i'm really proud of it. I hope some of you will give it a try.
This is where you can find it HERE
Hugs Laura
At this minute blogger won't let me add the preview grr so i'll have another go later sorry! But go to link and you can see it that way for now! It'll be a nice surprise. Hugs Loz x
Saturday, 4 October 2008

postheadericon Good morning!

Well i've been catching up with my groups this morning and i've written another tutorial at last woot! Soon as it is posted in group i will give you the links. I've only been away 5 days but i seem to have missed loads!!! Another halloween template for you is coming in a second, since its getting nearer the time i thought i'd make a couple more...hope you like it. Til later on...Hugs Laura. xox
Download Template 25 HERE

Friday, 3 October 2008

postheadericon I'M BACKKKK!!!! Hehe!

Hey guys! Miss me?! hehe! I missed you lot! Let me tell you i had an excellent 5 days but i'm really pleased to be home again! The kids had an awesome time, the entertainment was great we couldn't have asked for more! Butlins Skegness really is the best holiday choice if you have kids if you ask me...they cater for all ages and both Connor and Kaci didn't know what to do with themselves there was so much to chose from. Connor loved Bob the Builder we went to the shows every day he sat there in absolute silence for the entire show just smiling and every now and again saying BOB and pointing! Kaci enjoyed the Skyline Gang a group of 6 entertainers based on a childrens programme they were so funny and kept the kids so happy. The night time entertainment was wicked for the adults too the bands were great and the shows were spectacular....We went half board to so we had a breakfast and evening three course meal every day i've been so naughty sometimes having two or more deserts each night but sooooo its my holiday haha! I earned it lol! The only thing i was a little disapointed with was our double bed!!! Every turn we made the creaking and cracking was horrendous! So i ended up on the couch but i slept like a baby every night so it must have been comfy! All in all a great time was had by all of us and we'll definately be going back next April or May! So how have you all been?! What you all been up too!? Let me know in my cbox if you get a minute. Done a quickie template for you to be getting on with. And i'll put some holiday snaps on when i get a chance to go through them... Hugs for now Loz xoxox
Download Template 24 HERE

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