Tuesday, 2 September 2008

postheadericon Gooooood Morningggg!

Loadsa News!!!!
Firstly I have a new Tutorial up, it's called 100% In Love and i'm dead proud of it!! YAY!!
This was made using Ali's First Love Kit and Hearts and Rectangles Frame. I really hope you like this one. Please feel free to email me your results i would love to display them here! Msn is being a right pain in the butt and it won't let me link you straight to the TUT but i have linked you to my main tutorial page and you can hopefully get to it from HERE This is the preview..

My next news is that it's my daughter Kaci's 1st day back at school today!! Woot!!
She has been a complete star this morning, she got up as soon as i told her, dressed and had breakfast, i did her hair, washed her face and i think we were ready to go at about 8o'clock! pmsl! We walked to school in the pouring down rain, grr and when we got to the main doors the head teacher was there to welcome us and she said to Kaci " Do you know where your new class is Kaci?" Kaci replied "YES" and Mrs Risby said well off you go hunni tell mummy goodbye! and with that she was off...............i was like ok, wheres my cuddle wheres the tears........nothing she was gone..............how brave and i'm sooo very proud of her! Here's a pic of her on her first day back...........Awww.

So think thats about it for now....Hope you are all well, I'm gonna be sorting the house today as the weather is pants and keep myself busy til 3.15 when school kicks out hehe!!!
Until next time take care! Hugs Laura xoxox


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