Monday, 28 February 2011

postheadericon For Those That Have Asked After My Hubby x

Thank you firstly for the lovely emails and posts on facebook asking after my hubby
who has been having trouble with his ears.
The ear that is particually bad is his left one.
Basically about ten/eleven years ago just before Spencer and I met his ear drum burst and left him partially deaf in that ear.
He has had a few ear infections in this ear but this last couple of months it has been terrible.
It started one evening when a arge piece of something awful literally fell out of his ear.
We thought it might be just a bad case of wax and dirt.
This happened a few times, then it started ooozing a clear liquid.
He went to the doctors and was given the usual anti-biotics.
As the week went on the ear began to bleed.
I mean every night he'd wake up to blood stained pillows.
Three lots of strong antibiotics later the blood was still pooring.
Last Monday night i sent him to A&E because i was just freaking out.
They sent him home as there was no ENT (EAR,NOSE,THROAT) specialist there!!!!

I made him another appointment at the doctors and while he was there this doctor obviously saw something he didn't like the look of, he immediately called the hospital and made him an appointment for then and there.
So off we went to the hospital.
They had to vaccume a lot of infection and blood away frm the drum.
The specialist noticed that he may have a pocket of abnormal cells near his drum.
Aparently this can be caused by severe infections but these cells can spread into the bone and even the brain!
At this we both panicked as you would but because the specialist's boss wasn't there we had to make another appointment for this morning,
He was given a mega strong antibiotic that looks like horse pills, we wondered if they went up ya ass they are that big and some ear drops.

Spencer had to have some suctioning again, then the head ENT specialist came to see him.
He had a good look and decided to burn a section of his drum to basically see behind and around the drum.
He also took 3 biopsies to send away.
He said it's more than likely spence has these growths now that they were worried about.
The biopsies will be in this time next week and we have to go again to see them.
Obviously we are worried.
It means Spencer will have to have a CT scan to see if it's spread then an operation to remove the crap then
reconstruct his ear drum and ear canals.

My hubby is a big strong fella but his ears are his soft spot.
In fact he is so phobic of anything touching his ears for years he hasn't gotten a drop of water in them.
So he is being mega brave, i'm so proud of him!

So any prayers will be very much appreciated.
We will beat whatever comes our way!
We are a very strong couple and we have a fantastic family around us!
So that's about it for now until next Monday we won't know anything else.
When we do i'll let you know.

Thanks again for all the well wishes, they mean a lot.
I thought it easier to write on here then i don't have to write it everywhere lol.
Right i'm off to get's my bro-in-laws birthday today!!
Take our minds off things.

When all else and friends will pull you through!
Hug Laura


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