Sunday, 30 May 2010

postheadericon Update on Connor.

Well it's been a mega hard 48 hours for Connor bless him.
I've never seen so many spots!
They have multiplied by the hundred, no exaggeration!
They are in his mouth, ears and near to eyes so he is suffering terribly.
He also has developed a rare side effect to Chicken Pox, Diarreah and Vomiting,
Up til a couple of hours a go he wasn't eating so this morning i decided to take him straight to hospital to be checked over.
They monitored him for 3 hours, his breathing is very short again another side effect, and really only allowed him home because he had 2 ice pops.
Since having him home though i'm glad to say he slept for a couple of hours and then ate a fair portion of daddies Sausage, Mash and Veg! He has also started drinking more!
I have bathed him and covered him in Calamine Lotion as he hates the gel, well he hates me touching them full stop really but it has to be done so i have to be hard and firm with him, even though i hate it!

I'm gonna keep him up as late as i can and then hope he crashes for the night, it's always the night's and morning that seem to effect children so much isn't it!!
It's a hard job being a mum!
Watching your child suffer when you are trying to do everything you can yet they are still hurting is just the worst! The pits!
I really do hope that as it's day three we are at the worst stage,,,,pray for him will you...i know i will be!
Thanks for all the lovely messages i have gotten on here, on really does help!
Big hugs and i'll keep you updated!

Sorry i haven't posted any freebies since we got back from my hols, with Connor being so ill i am on facebook games with him most times when on the computer to try keep him occupied!
Freebies will follow soon i promise!


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