Friday, 31 December 2010

postheadericon Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year!

Hiya Everyone!
Just thought i'd write and wish you all a very safe and happy new year!
Sorry i've not been around much, christmas and new year have fallen among some sad times this year,
My dear father-in-law on christmas night was given hours to live and despite all odds he is still among us all right now!
We have been sat just waiting for the phone to ring and give us all the news we are all expecting.
Maurice is and will forever be the closest person i will ever have to a dad.
When i lost my own dad at just 13 years of age i never thought i could even concider another person to take over that role.
Meeting Maurice 10 years ago now changed that.
I've never met a man who would take on children that weren't his with such passion.
My own children call him Grandad...something i'd never let them do without being totally at ease with a person.
Maurice is someone who would always put a smile on your face, he'd always know when something was wrong and say something to make you proper belly laugh! Lol.
He has been through such a lot this last year, and when the time comes we all know it will be a happy release for him, no more pain, no more sickness!
We don't know how he is still here even, i won't go into details but the stuff his body has and is going through defies all odds and expectations!
They say God only takes the best...and he sure will be doing that!
So this New Year will be a hard start for all of us here, but we know that he wouldn't want us to be sad, he'd want us celebrating because that is what he loved to do, get together with family and have a bloody good time!!!!
So in honour to him i will make sure i do that and gve my children the best start to 2011 possible.
I am lucky to have some great friends around me who are constantly on the phone asking after Maurice and myself and family.
These people make me stronger, just a little smile goes a long way!
Thank you to those of know who you are!

So from us here to you wherever you are I wish you the most fantastic 2011!
Stay healthy, happy and safe!!!
Love your families, make each day count with them!
Love to you all always!


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