Saturday, 13 June 2009

postheadericon I'm Back!!

The Children With Bob The Builder.
Kaci & Her Favourite Redcoat Cassie.

Bob and Friends!!

Kaci & Connor At Bob's Yard.

Spencer & Connor At Bob's Yard!

Spencer & Me!!

Kaci & All Her Flashing Bands!!

Kaci & Connor!!

Kaci & Connor & Me!

Hello all!!! How are you?!!
Well we returned from our trip to Bultins yesterday afternoon and after 4 loads of washing and house cleaning i'm ready to finally say hi!!!!
Our holiday was great, we all really enjoyed ourselves the children obviously the most but Spence and i weren't far behind!!
We swam and ate and enjoyed loads of awesome shows of an evening, it all went sooooo fast, by the time we knew it we were packing to come home!!!
Spencer and Kaci went into a competition and won!!! He had to sing, dance and act, he was hilarious! Everyone backed him, he tried so hard for Kaci bless him i was really proud, when he beat the other two men Kaci then had to answer 3 questions and did them brilliantly, she won loads of games, and then he said "Do you want a special prize?" She of course said yes! He gave her a piece of paper and it had £10 written on it, he said " Take this home and put it under your pillow tear it all up into tiny pieces, and in the morning it will magically turn into a ten pound note!!!" WINK WINK AT SPENCER!!! LOL....So bless her she spent ages tearing the paper the morning of course there was her ten pound!!!
She came off stage shaking, she couldn't speak for the shock had set in, she then cried for half an hour bless her, i told her it was a bit like being on Britons Got Talent!!! She was just stunned i think...but she soon started dancing about again...we lose her mostly to the Redcoats who were fantastic!!!
We really did enjoy ourselves so much in fact we have booked to go for 7 nights this time on 12th October!!!! So i'm aiming to start slimming now and save up for the fantastic food they have on offer there!!!
I hope you all had an awesome time this week gone..i am joined up to a Starving-Artists Store Collab and various things for the future so keep an eye out..I hope you like the piccies...some of our favourite moments!!!
Huggles for now


Mary said...

great pics Laura
are you planning to scrap them? If you would like I could give scrapping them a go for you. Let me know. xoxox
(mary - scrappy luv from Heartbeatz)

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