Friday, 22 October 2010

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"I'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good."
Sandra Bullock.

I heard something today that has finally put my mind at peace.
And you know what i thought..

What goes around comes around is a rule by how i try to live my life.
You give out rubbish, you make people feel bad about themselves, you only have yourself to blame when karma comes and whoops your ass!

In this world life is too short to live your life sad and vengeful.
If you don't like something move on, find happiness elsewhere...don't hang around and do your best to make other people upset and uncomfortable!...cause at the end of the day life is tooo short!

So i guess some of you are thinking whats going on...where has this come from?
You know what i don't altogether know lol...just i've been quiet and into myself, depressed lately and today something just hit me and said enough is enough...Laura what has happened has happened, and you know what ever faults i may have i don't deserve to be unhappy now.
It's time to move on with my life and make every day the best it can be.

And it's like a breath of fresh air..clinging to the past does me no good.
Luckilly i have some fantastic people round me, new friends, my awesome family.
The past will always be remembered for what it was and i would never change it but i can no longer let it effect my day to day feelings like it has done.

All sorts of things are changing in my life at the moment..
I'm coming off tablets for my lump...thats sooo my body and mind i suppose are dependant on them..but i am now down from 10 a day to 4!!!
I am so chuffed with myself!
I hope to be free of them in 4 weeks time now as one a week i am dropping.
Well i say that but i've gone from 10 to 4 in less than two weeks! So who knows it could be sooner!
I am so proud of myself as i have done this alone without any doctors or theapists, mind over matter really works when you are doing it for something special to happen!
So wish me luck!

We have a halloween party coming up, gonna decorate the house and have everyone round, then take the kids out trick or treating...will post piccies!!
I've missed coming on here and just chatting...and i'm gonna make an effort to do it more often...well not toooo often i don't wanna bore you all lol..

More kits are being made as i isn't far away now and i have some special kits in progress!

Freebies coming soon also so watch out for them!
Plus two great blog trains coming out soon!

So be nice out there guys, love your loved ones...and remember that old quote


and believe you me it really does!

Have a great weekend
Blessed be!


Jay said...

love ya chick xxx

Funky said...

How happy you made me to see this post....I do believe that you've come a long way. Well done to you poppet.....I'm very proud of you. Not an easy place to come to but you're doing it. Keep on loving yourself sweetheart & a mahoosive WELL DONE!!!!!
((huggles)) Funky xx

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