Tuesday, 3 February 2009

postheadericon I'm A Little Bit Peeved!!!

Selling my kits has been a bit of a dream of mine for quite a few months now and i am doing fairly well as can be expected for a newbie.....so when i logged into my 4shared account and have found several downloads of these kits when i have given no permission i now feel completely gutted!! Now these people are STEALING! Don't you realise this!!! I make so many freebies that to steal from me has completely blown my trust in this community........Now i'm not a prat i know this goes on an awful lot but for christs sake i'm a newbie at all this, give me a fluffing chance or whats the point in me doing this at all!!!! I won't let you stop me from doing what i love but i WILL not tolerate people stealing from me....i will be reporting people's IP addresses to the officials and i will name and shame.....what i won't be doing from now on is uploading my files to 4shared before it has been brought.so for all you truely honest people out there including good friends that have brought my PTU kits when you in future buy one of my kits i will give you a separate link so that once you have downloaded i can destroy that link......its so sad that people are so dishonest....i'm sorry to rant and rave but this has hurt me so much.....to those of you who had to read this and are nothing to do with it which 99.9% of you are i'm sorry, but to the .1% of you doing this i say THINK.....is it really worth it!!!! Huggles Laura xox


Kitty said...

How did they do this???? I downloaded some freebies from you but I used the links you provided in your blogs. Hope you get things worked out. And thanks for your work!

Ruth said...

Hi, I am newq here & pretty new to scrapping. I found you through the blog train.
I am sorry to hear this. I don't know how it works or how people can steal downloads but your story made me think of something.
I went to a store this week & had so much trouble downloading that I had to download each file several times before I could actually get the darn things on my HD &not corrupted or broken. I am so upset & no very lady like by the time I was done. LOL I was swearing I'd never "set mouse in that store again". LOL
Maybe that is what happened to you I hope so anyay. I am sure that would be easier to understand.
i wonder if I should tell that lady so she doesn't think her files were downloaded too many times.
Anyway, you have a good attitude. Don't let them get you down!

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