Monday, 29 December 2008

postheadericon Going Into Hospital Today!!! ((and an award))!!

Good Morning Folks from a very cold an early morning UK! Well i'm off to have my elbow fixed at last should be having it done sometime this morning got to be at hospital for 7 o'clock. Very nervous at being put to sleep, it's always nerve wracking when you have small children at home and you are having something like this done, but i'm sure i'll be fine and back with you all soon....saying that it's my right elbow so i don't know how this will effect my work on here so depending on how its all fixed up i might be away for awhile but i will try to post and let you know how i get if you don't see me for a couple of days you will know why....and i'll get my bestest bud Ali to post for me to let you all know how i am (((giggles)))!
Also received this morning is a fabulous award from Stacy's Scraps Thank you so much hunni...what a lovely award to receive! It says i don't have to pass this on but i'd like to give this to a couple of special people who have helped me out loads and they will follow after the award...

So i'd like to give this to Ali from Designs By Ali - Always there when i need a kick up the backside...!!!! My Best Friend, and rock!! ((hehehe))

And Funky from Funky-Fever who continues to inspire me everytime we speak...

Love you two both know that!!! Huggles Laura xoxoxox

So wish me luck- and with that done i'd like to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR incase i can't get on in the next couple of days....All the very best wishes and lots of love Laura xoxox


Funky said...

Hi sweetheart,
Just to let you know I have collected my award......I'm very proud of this one, a first of this kind. Thanks so much babe, I really do appreciate that you even thought of giving it to me. Hoping you get on alright at the hospital today......if it's day surgery you're having peeps seem to recover a whole lot quicker you know than a long hospital stay. It also eliminates picking up any nasty bugs that MAY be going around. See you when you get back & chocolate lollypops your friend Funky xxx
Lovin the new look blog BTW....gorgeously sexy. lol

Funky said...

There I was soooo excited to be receiving such a brilliant award (plus eyeing up your new blog layout lmao) that I'm guilty of rushing in & not reading your post correctly. I have just re-read it to see that you don't actually have to pass this award on to anyone.....yet you chose to pass it to me. Awwww! how sweet are you? Now you've gotten me all choked means even more now than when I first saw it. Thanks babe, so so much.
You're one of lifes diamonds. ((hugs)) Funky xxx

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